“Rahul Gandhi Isn’t Afraid” Says CM Bhupesh Baghel Hits Out At BJP: Deets Inside!

Bhupesh Baghel, the chief minister of Chhattisgarh, said on Friday that Rahul Gandhi, who was expelled from the Lok Sabha after being found guilty of criminal defamation by a Surat court, sent a message to the entire nation that he is not scared despite attempts to intimidate him. As a result of Gandhi being found guilty of defamation by a Surat court, he was recently stripped of his right to serve as a Lok Sabha MP. Baghel commented on this recent development and claimed that Rahul Gandhi is being threatened.

Baghel remarked in a Raipur interview with ANI, “There is a situation of autocracy and emergency in the country, no one should speak against the government and no one should speak in the interest of the country. Efforts are being made to suppress the voice of those who raise their voice in the country’s interest.”

Baghel claimed that the dictator is terrified when people quit being afraid of him, but he did not name anyone. “The members of the ruling party are not letting the Lok Sabha run smoothly because there will be a discussion about Adani and the entire efforts are being made to run away from the discussion on Adani,” alleged Chhattisgarh CM, questioning what was the reason for the hurry in disqualifying the membership of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is supposed to be scared by the action, but all of the attempts are futile, he continued. “Efforts were being made to scare Indira Gandhi too but couldn’t. Congress party and its leader Rahul Gandhi will keep raising the voice of people and the problems of India,” stated Baghel.

Rahul Gandhi, according to Baghel, launched the Bharat Jodo Yatra to protest issues like inflation, unemployment, hatred, and other difficulties. These choices are being made as a result of fear. Baghel responded to the BJP’s claim that Gandhi had denigrated the OBC community by asserting that the BJP has lit the entire nation on fire. “Raman Singh, who is BJP national vice president, had called me small man, rat, cat, dog and also used other adjectives for me. If they are so concerned about the backward community then why are they not ensuring the implementation of the reservation bill, which was passed by the assembly in December last year. BJP does not even want to give the benefit of reservation to people, so who is anti-OBC, Congress or Bharatiya Janata Party,” Baghel added.

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the Lok Sabha on Friday, one day after being found guilty of criminal defamation by a Surat court. This sparked a significant political controversy, with the BJP calling the Congressman “a habitual loose cannon” and the Congress claiming that he was “deliberately disqualified.”