Rahul Gandhi Disqualification: Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge Accuses Centre Of Double Standards: Deets Inside!!!

A day later, he was removed from the Lok Sabha. According to Kharge, a person who tells the truth has been excluded from Parliament whereas the Gujarat MP was permitted to attend. Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the Congress, charged the Centre with applying different standards to different cases. He claimed that while Rahul Gandhi was disqualified quickly, a Gujarat MP who was found guilty in a criminal case was not subjected to the same punishment.

Naranbhai Bhikhabhai Kachhadia, a BJP member from Amreli who was given a three-year prison sentence by a judge, was the subject of Kharge’s comment. Later, the Supreme Court overturned Kachhadia’s conviction. Rahul Gandhi was found guilty by a lower court in Surat, Gujarat, and given a two-year prison term on March 23 for a speech in which he connected the last name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with that of two runaway businessmen, adding that the “thieves” shared the same last name.

He was disqualified as a Lok Sabha member the next day. A person who tells the truth has been barred from Parliament, according to Kharge, whereas the Gujarati MP was permitted to attend. “The height of the Modi government’s hypocrisy and double standards¬† a BJP MP from Gujarat is awarded a three-year imprisonment by a local court, sessions court and high court but there was no disqualification till 16 days. “But Rahul Gandhi was disqualified with lightning speed,” Kharge mentioned in a tweet in Hindi.

He stated that one can tell who is being helped and who is being penalised under the Modi regime. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, a leader for the Congress in the Lok Sabha, has also written to Speaker Om Birla to request a discussion over Gandhi’s disqualification. Gandhi was granted bail by a Surat sessions court on April 3, and his request for a stay of judgement in the criminal defamation case from 2019 will be heard on April 13.