Rahul Gandhi Attacks BJP Over Ankita Bhandari Murder Case: Read On To Know More!!!

Amethi, Feb 25 (ANI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses public rally for Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, in Amethi on Friday. (ANI Photo)

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, blasted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday amid the controversy surrounding the murder of Ankita Bhandari, claiming that the party’s “crime and hubris” had come to be associated with it. In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi stated, “Crime and arrogance have become synonymous with BJP. No embarrassment, no words, just silence, the Prime Minister’s message is clear  women should not expect anything from him.”

Ankita Bhandari, 19, was last seen a few days ago and her body was found in Rishikesh’s Chilla canal on Saturday. The accusation in the murder of Ankita Bhandari is levelled against Pulkit Arya, the son of expelled BJP politician Vinod Arya. Ankita previously held a receptionist position at Pulkit Arya’s Vanatara resort in Rishikesh.

Three persons, including Pulkit Arya, were arrested on Friday after they confessed to having pushed Ankita into the canal after an altercation. Anger over the Ankita Bhandari death case poured onto the streets as the locals on Sunday blocked the Badrinath Rishikesh highway area in front of the base hospital where Ankita’s remains are kept.

The administration team made an effort to unclog the traffic bottleneck that the barricades had produced. The public demanded the death’s post-mortem report and the execution of the guilty. On Sunday, the neighbourhood market was closed as a gesture of support before Ankita Bhandari’s funeral. Srinagar’s traders kept all of their establishments shut.

The news broke prior to Ankita’s funeral in Garhwal, Srinagar. The deceased’s relatives had previously objected to having the funeral rites performed because they wanted to see the post-mortem report. The administration, on the other side, made an effort to persuade Ankita’s family.

Earlier on Saturday, irate residents of Rishikesh set fire to the Vanatara resort. Locals crowded the Pauri bus station as rage over the heinous crime spilt onto the streets of other districts of Uttarakhand. Additionally, protesters ransacked the Pauri District Magistrate’s office. “We won’t conduct her last rites until her post-mortem report is given. We saw in her provisional report that she was beaten up and thrown in a river. But we’re awaiting the final report,” said Ajay Singh Bhandari, brother of Ankita Bhandari.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) is looking into the murder of Ankita from every possible angle, according to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, who made the statement on Sunday. Speaking to ANI, CM Dhami stated that there will be no attempt to obliterate any of the evidence related to this murder because it is all secure. All of the evidence connected to this murder, according to the chief minister, is secure. He promised to make sure no attempt is made to erase the evidence.

A WhatsApp chat reportedly came to light during the probe. According to police sources, Ankita is complaining to her buddy in this discussion that the resort’s owner is forcing her to offer the visitors “additional service.” After the receptionist’s murder, there is a great deal of indignation among the populace.