Press To Be Free: Analysing Constitutional Protection For Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of the Press is that the guarantee by a government of free print media for its citizens and their associations, extended to members of stories gathering organizations, and their published reporting. Not all countries are protected by a bill of rights or the constitutional provision per Freedom of the Press. With reference to governmental information, a government distinguishes which materials are public or shielded from disclosure to the general public supported classification of data as sensitive, classified, or secret and being otherwise shielded from disclosure because of the relevance of the data to protecting the national interest. Many governments are subject to sunshine laws or freedom of data legislation that are wont to define the ambit of national interest.

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Can the Press be completely free? Not even the best democrat would say an unqualified ‘Yes’ in answer. Liberty of thought could also be complete, but the freedom of expressing that thought is sure to be subject to some restrictions. There would obviously be chaos within the world if everybody were allowed to mention or publish what he thought and felt; Sacred subjects like God, religious opinion, or personal reputation are beyond the sphere of criticism. Freedom of dialogue cannot obviously be allowed to degenerate into the liberty of abuse. Every country punishes blasphemy and private liberty.

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Freedom of the Press could be a sacred privilege, but it requires great tact and patience to exercise it properly. Man is usually governed by passions and prejudices, and newspapers don’t seem to be independent organs of vox populi. they’re usually party papers or are owned or controlled by business sector magnates, combines, and other interests. they need to necessarily echo “their master’s voice”.

They need to shape and present news and views only in accordance with the policy of the party or interests concerned, and at their dictation. Unhealthy rivalry and bitter controversies often arise among papers representing conflicting points of view. Truth is colored and distorted and therefore the word is created to look at the higher reason.

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It is quite obvious that Freedom of the Press, like all other freedoms, carries with it certain obligations and moral responsibility. Publication of correct news is one among them. Avoidance of mischievous or malafide criticism of the govt, and of abusive and obscene writing is another. the concept is that liberty mustn’t degenerate into license.