President, Not PM, Should Inaugurate New Parliament Building Says Rahul Gandhi: DEETS INSIDE!!!

Congressman Rahul Gandhi stated on Sunday that the President, not the Prime Minister, should inaugurate the newly built Parliament building. This is in advance of the building’s official opening. The freshly built Parliament building will be officially dedicated to the nation on May 28 by Prime Minister Modi. “The President should inaugurate the new Parliament House, not the Prime Minister!” On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi stated in a tweet. The New Parliament Building in the nation’s capital has reportedly been finished and symbolises India’s spirit of independence, according to a Lok Sabha announcement. It will soon be 100 years since the current Parliament building, which was finished in 1927.

“The lack of space was being experienced in this building as per the present requirements. In both the Houses, there was also a lack of convenient arrangements for the sitting of the MPs which was affecting the efficiency of the work of the members,” the release said. The government should build a new Parliament building, according to resolutions voted by both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

The foundation stone of the new building of Parliament was laid by Prime Minister Modi on December 10, 2020. The newly constructed Parliament building has been built “in record time with quality construction”. According to the press release, the newly built edifice of Parliament is outfitted with cutting-edge amenities that will assist the Members in carrying out their duties more effectively. This will further enhance India’s illustrious democratic traditions and constitutional ideals.

It was stated that 888 people would be able to sit in the Lok Sabha. There is space for 543 Lok Sabha members and 250 Rajya Sabha members to meet in the Parliament’s current premises. In order to accommodate future needs, plans have been created for a meeting of the 888 Lok Sabha members and the 384 Rajya Sabha members in the Parliament’s newly built structure. The Lok Sabha Chamber will host the combined meeting of both Houses.