PM Modi US Visit: PM’s Fan Flaunts ‘Nmodi’ Car Number Plate, Indian Diaspora Prepares For Welcome: Deets Inside!

The Indian Tricolour was spotted outside the White House during the ceremonial welcome rehearsal as the Indian diaspora in the US gets ready to greet PM Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will arrive in the US for the first time next week, and the Indian diaspora in the US is getting ready to welcome him. On Friday, the Indian Tricolour was viewed outside the White House while young musicians practised in Washington, DC. A PM Modi supporter displayed a ‘NMODI’ licence plate in Maryland, claiming to be eagerly anticipating his arrival. While stating that only a select few people have received the honour of a state visit from the US, External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar stressed the significance of the trip.

“The Prime Minister will be on a state visit to the US. State visit means it is the highest level in terms of honour. Only a few people have been given this honour. It is happening for the first time that an Indian PM will address the US Congress for the second time. That’s why its importance is huge,” Jaishankar stated in Delhi, according to ANI news agency. The White House hosted a practise session for PM Narendra Modi’s formal welcome. At the White House, PM Modi will receive a ceremonial guard of honour while on an official state visit from June 21 to June 24. According to ANI, kids were spotted practising for the welcome ceremony.

On June 21, a sizable cultural event inviting PM Modi to the US would take place, according to a musician by the name of Srinath. “We have about 25 different programs lined up, participated by over 15 different cultural teams, representing various states and cultures, also representing the entire Indian culture, bringing that to the heart of DC on June 21st,” he stated. In Maryland, a supporter of PM Narendra Modi displayed his “NMODI” licence plate. “I took this plate back in 2016, November. Narendra Modi is an inspiration to me. He inspires me to do something good for the nation, for society, for the world. PM Modi is coming here so I’m eagerly waiting to welcome him.”

Indian national Jesal Nar, who lives in New Jersey, informed ANI that when the Indian Tricolour was visible outside the White House, “It’s really an honour and pride to see the tricolour. I go across the United States for my work purpose carrying a tricolour.” PM Modi will speak to the Joint Session of the US Congress and meet with a number of American leaders, notable individuals, and well-known figures from the diaspora. The trip will begin in New York, where the prime minister will preside over the International Day of Yoga ceremonies on 21 June at the UN building.