PM Modi Unveiled The New Logo, Theme, And Website Of G-20, Know What PM Said!!

India will assume the presidency of the G20 from December 1. Earlier on Tuesday, PM Modi unveiled the new logo, theme, and website of the G20 through video conferencing. On this occasion, he said that the logo of G-20 is not just a symbol but it is a message. It is a feeling which is in our veins. This is a resolution, which has been included in our thinking. In his address, the PM said that from December 1, India will preside over the G20. This is a historic occasion for India, so today the website, theme, and logo of this summit have been launched. He said, “On this occasion, I extend many congratulations to all the countrymen”.

In his address, the PM said that the G20 is a group of countries whose economic potential represents 85% of the world’s GDP. G20 is a group of 20 countries that represent 75% of the world’s trade and India is now going to lead the G20 grouping. Addressing the occasion of the unveiling of the G-20 logo, theme, and website, he said that you can imagine how big an opportunity has come before the country in this nectar of independence. This is a matter of pride for every Indian, it is a matter of pride.

PM Modi said that the people of the country have played a big role in the creation of the logo which has been launched today. He told that we had asked the countrymen for their valuable suggestions. Today those suggestions are becoming the face of such a big global event. The PM said that through this logo and theme, we have given a message to the world. Through the G20, the message given by Buddha for war and Mahatma Gandhi’s solution to resistance to violence, India is renewing its global reputation.

PM Modi said that today the world is looking for health instead of cure. There is a new enthusiasm and trust in the world about India’s Ayurveda, Yoga. We can create a global system for its expansion. India is such a rich and living democracy of the world. Along with this we also have the values ​​of democracy, and proud tradition in the form of mother of democracy.