PM Modi Takes Dig At Ashok Gehlot Over Budget Goof Up: Deets Inside!!!

The Congress party, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has “no” vision. On Sunday, the chief minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, was criticised for “accidentally” reading out portions of the budget for the previous fiscal year in the State Assembly on Friday. PM Said, citing the fact that everyone may make a mistake. “It’s not hidden from anyone how the present Congress in government in Rajasthan is governing the state.”

“What happened during the Budget session in the State Assembly is being discussed everywhere today. I agree that anyone can make a mistake but Congress has no vision,” PM Modi said while addressing a public meeting in Rajasthan’s Dausa. “Question is not whether the old Budget was read but it was kept in a box, unacted and read again,” He stated.

On Friday, Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, inadvertently began reading passages from the Budget from the previous fiscal year. After seven minutes, the chief whip ordered him to halt. Ashok Gehlot later expressed regret after receiving criticism from the opposition, saying, “I feel sorry, what happened was by mistake. You (the opposition) can point out only if there’s a difference between what’s written in the budget in my hand and its copies given to the House members. If a page was added to my budget copy by mistake, how does the matter of leaking of budget arise?”

The Rajasthan Assembly elections are later this year, therefore this was the Gehlot administration’s final budget. And on Friday, in the middle of the Budget session, the assembly was called to order due to the mistake made by CM Gehlot. Earlier today, PM Modi opened a 246-km section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in Dausa, Rajasthan. “The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway presents the developed face of India,” Modi mentioned. Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot also addressed the gathering via video-conferencing during the inauguration of the expressway.

“PM visiting a state again in such a short time holds importance. I hope you keep visiting. You are in Dausa which is among 13 Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) districts that have become an issue. You had mentioned in your earlier rallies that you would positively consider declaring it as a National Project. So hope you will take a decision on priority and keep your views on it,” Ashok Gehlot stated. Former chief minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot had already written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pleading with him to give the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project national status while he was in the state.