PM Modi Calls Putin: Asks To Cease War, Suggests Conducting ‘Verbal Dialogue’

Amid the war between Russia and Ukraine, PM Modi calls up the Russian President Valdimir Putin. Both of them discussed the present scenario and their stands with each other. PMO’s official statement was released stating that PM Modi has requested President Putin “to cease the violence, between the two nations.”

The telephonic conversation happened just after the hours when Russia declared war against the Ukraine. This is the biggest attack post the World War II in which one European country is attacking the other. Along with this PM Modi had a detailed discussion about the Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine at present. The safety of these Indian citizens is the most important issue for the Indian government. Whereas President Putin briefed the developments with respect to Ukraine.

PM Modi’s Conversation Details

An official statement from PM’s office stated, “Concerted efforts from all sides to return to the path of diplomatic negotiations and dialogue.” PM Modi also addressed that long standing differences between Russia and the NATO group can be resolved through honest and sincere dialogue.

At present, India’s focus is to evacuate the Indian citizens especially the students stuck in Ukraine. Approximately 16,000 students are in need and India is looking for alternative methods to evacuate them. The majority of airbases in Ukraine have been destroyed post the onset of the War by the Russia.

At the CSS meeting, the foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla conveyed, “PM Modi clearly stated that our priority is the safety and security of Indian nationals.”

During the conversation both the leaders agrees to the the fact that their officials and diplomats team will continue the contact on the issue of topical interest.

Russia started its military operation on Ukraine post the months long tension over the Ukraine’s proximity to NATO. As per reports from the Ukrainian government, 137 people have been killed so far. Over 100,000 Ukrainians have been displaced, according to the UN’s refugee agency. Russia claims that they were left with no choice as Ukraine has become puppet of the West.