Plant Life On Moon: American Scientists Successfully Grow Extraterrestrial Plants; See Picture!

Researchers are making numerous discoveries to settle people on the moon. In this series, researchers at the Florida University of America have done a noteworthy accomplishment. Interestingly, They have succeeded in growing plants in the soil of the moon. This soil was brought before by the Astronauts of NASA’s Apollo missions with them.

The research was published in the journal Communications Biology. Researchers said that plants grow not only in the soil of the earth, yet also in the soil that came from space.

In this review, the researchers also analyzed the biological reaction of plants to the lunar regolith. We can say it is the first step towards farming food and oxygen on the moon.

Professor Anna-Lisa Paul of the University of Florida said that even before this analysis, experiments have been made to grow plants in the soil of the moon. Be that as it may, then just the soil of the moon was sprinkled on those plants. But, In this recent experiment, the plant has been completely filled with the dirt of the moon.

Scientists utilized 4 plates to grow the plants. In these, such nutrients were blended in with water which couldn’t be found in the soil of the moon. After this, the seeds of the Arabidopsis plant were added to this arrangement. Within a couple of days, these seeds appeared as a little plant.

The 6 Astronauts of NASA’s Apollo mission got back from the moon to Earth with 382 kilograms of stones. These stones were disseminated among researchers. As indicated by Professor Robert Ferry of the University of Florida, After applying 3 times in 11 years, he got 12 grams of soil from NASA.

It was truly challenging to work with such a small amount of soil, yet in the end, he figured out how to grow plants. This soil was gathered during the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions.