PFI Ban: Modi Government Takes Measure Keeping With Its “Zero Tolerance” Stance Toward Terrorism

On September 22, the CIA and DEA started simultaneous operations in 11 states. NIA and ED raided PFI offices and affiliates (PFI). Muslims accuse PFI of sponsoring terrorism and extremism. A large-scale, well-planned attack in many states sent shockwaves across the country. This operation captured 106 PFI officials and seized damning documents, guns, and explosives. PFI opposed the surgery to avoid controversy. Investigation agencies exposed the public to the central government’s true face as reports circulated that they were detaining Opposition leaders to crush them.

The group started volunteering in 2006. The 1992 Babri Mosque incident revealed the group’s true character. This group’s terrorist and Islamic extremist acts in South India were planned to terrorise Hindus. In the ensuing years, this organisation spread across the US. Police and military said PFI members attacked in 20 states. After Nupur Sharma’s confession, security officials allege this organisation stirred religious hysteria to justify killing Hindus.

In June, a Hindu man was beheaded in Rajasthan, India. According to a police investigation, this organisation disseminated fliers across Kerala promising to make it a Muslim nation. PFI has denied links to terrorist groups SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen. Authorities say PFI committed political violence. Inflammatory test questions led to the assault and amputation of a Kerala professor’s hands. The PFI was found guilty, but it denied any connection to the assaults. An SFI leader was shot and killed in Ernakulam in 2018. PFI personnel were allegedly implicated. The government of Karnataka alleged women activists from this organisation started the Hijab discussion.

After the NIA’s participation, its whole operation has been scrutinised. PFI is associated with social and religious unrest. This organisation was behind all terrorist activities, riots, and agitations in response to the CAA and NRC Acts. PFI is accused of sponsoring terrorists and contributing to bloodshed. Congress-led Kerala notified the High Court that the group’s primary victims were Hindus. Chandy’s administration told the court that this squad killed only RSS and MCP members and supporters began opposing the organisation subverting democratic institutions to install an Islamic tyranny in India. The Modi government’s actions show that subversion will not be tolerated.

Anti-Terrorism Squad arrested six PFI members in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. The squad found objectionable PFI material. As the investigation continued, it became evident that this organisation plotted the deaths of other major Kerala individuals. The squad has proof of this plot. Over two months have passed since investigators revealed PFI’s conspiracy to murder PM Narendra Modi. They prepared people to blow explosives at the July 12 Patna demonstration.

The group’s crackdown is spreading throughout Maharashtra. PFI leader arrested in Sambhajinagar, Marathwada. 39 PFI activists were arrested in Beed for protesting curfew restrictions. Some Muslim youngsters chanted “Pakistan Zindabad” in Pune on Saturday. This event shows how deep the conspiracy is in this institution. It shows how it created religious hatred among Indian Muslims. The state’s home affairs department is on high alert and won’t allow intolerance. Devendra Fadnavis, deputy chief minister and home minister, said anti-national protesters will be prosecuted. As the Modi government’s zero-tolerance policy becomes engrained, anti-national conduct won’t be tolerated. The administration must remove people’s concerns and restore serenity and security. Destroying a fanatical organisation like the PFI is just the start.