Operation Masoom By Delhi Police To Curb Child Pornography, 50 Arrested And Over 100 FIRs Filed

Operation Masoom by Delhi police to curb child pornography

The Operation Masoom, an operation by Delhi Police against child pornography have arrested over 50 culprits and filed over 100 FIRs. This is a huge success for Delhi Police against increasing cyber crime on social media involving children. In age of digital medium the content of social media needs a check specially for and about young kids. Over the past few years child pornography has became an issue of concern for both society and Government. This operation is part of a drive to curb child pornography and child abuse on Online Medium.

Operation Masoom Of Delhi Police

Operation Masoom Details:

The Operation Masoom [Mitigation Of Adolescent Sexually Offensive Online Material] launched by Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations [IFSO] unit of the Delhi Police. All district played an important and crucial role in curbing the menace of child pornographic. The details of Violations related to child pornographic material is received at IFSO through NCRB [National Crime Record Bureau] which has a MoU with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC]. Under the MoU, NCMEC provides cyber tipline complaints about sexually offensive content against children to NCRB.

NCMEC established in 1984, is a U.S. Agency by the United Nations Congress. The organisation has tie ups with different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others. Due to this association they can scroll the content of the various social media sites. When any content disobeys the rules of the privacy/obsecne material is found, they receive a red flag. After that they procure IP address of the user who has uploaded the content.

NCMEC showing increasing cyber tiplines values worldwide

NCRB shares the NCMEC cyber tiplines with nodal agencies of the state. IFSO is the nodal agency of Delhi State. IFSO on receiving any detail by NCRB performs an analysis for the identification of any organised nexus involved. A team is present for segregating the cyber tiplines sent by NCMEC, on the basis of jurisdiction of districts and police stations for the registration of the cases. In this operation 50 arrest has been done and over 100 FIRs are lodged.