Now China Is All Set To Own White Gold Treasures To Control The World, Know What It Is Up To!!

The Foreign Minister of South American country Argentina has confirmed that China’s mining company Tibet Summit Resources will invest $ 2.2 billion in two lithium exploration projects in the country. According to a statement released on Friday, Shanghai based company will produce 10,000 jobs in Argentina. There is currently a competition in the world regarding lithium. Most countries want to invest in this precious mineral. It is being called the ‘biggest treasure’ of the 21st century which can prove to be the biggest source of clean energy in the future.

The Argentina Ministry said that the President of the Tibet Summit Resources at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, shared plans with Argentina Ambassador Sabino Waka Narwaja. Under the plan, China’s firm will invest around $ 700 million in the Salar de Diabilose Project in Salta province. This is expected to produce 50,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate from next year.

According to the news of Russia’s news agency RT, in addition, the remaining $ 1.5 billion will be used in Salta, in the construction of a plant in the Arizaro salt ground. This is expected to produce 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate by 2024. China is piercing billions of dollars in these salt grounds to get ahead in Lithium’s global race. Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile are part of the ‘Lithium Triangle’ where about 54 percent of the world’s white minerals are present.

According to a report by the Argentina Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs (CAEM), Argentina is the fourth largest lithium producer in the world after Australia, Chile, and China. Lithium is used to make the battery, which provides power to electric vehicles. Lithium is also lighter than wood. According to a BBC report, its prices have increased more than four times in a year. It is also called ‘White Gold’ used in electric cars. In future, it can become an alternative to petrol, so its demand is increasing rapidly.