Nagaland Implements e-Vidhan App To Become First Paperless Assembly

Nagaland became India’s first Assembly to implement the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) programme to become paperless.

Nagaland becomes first paperless Assembly by implementing National e-Vidhan Application programme – ThePrint

NeVA is a variety of workflow system that was deployed on NIC Cloud, MeghRaj, which helps to conduct the proceedings of the House smoothly by the Chair of the House and also to conduct Legislative Business of the House in an exceeding manner which is paperless.

NeVA is a member-centric and device neutral application that was created to equip the members to smartly handle various House Business by putting entire information and details at one place regarding the contact details of members, also the list of business, rules of procedure, bulletins, notices, starred or unstarred questions, and answers, bills, committee reports, papers laid, etc. in their handheld devices like tablets and equip all Departments and Legislatures to handle it efficiently.

Nagaland Assembly: దేశంలోని తొలి పేపర్ లెస్ అసెంబ్లీ.. నాగాలాండ్‌ ఇక e- Vidhan | Nagaland Assembly Goes Paperless Becomes First in Country to Implement National e Vidhan Application mks– News18 Telugu
Through the utilization of NeVA, the method of sending out an invitation or notice for the info collection is totally eliminated.
Each Member of the House includes a secure page where they’ll submit questions and other notices.
mNeVA may be a user-friendly mobile version of NeVA that’s accessible on both Android and iOS.

mNeVA has made information about how legislatures conduct business available to the general public which might be accessed any time and from any location. For the implementation of NeVA, the expense is funded by the Central government and therefore the authorities on a sharing basis of 90:10.

NeVA aims to bring the country’s legislatures together, in one platform thus creating a large depository of information without having the complexity faced because of having multiple applications.

Nagaland Assembly First In Country To Go Paperless With E-Vidhan Projecte-Assembly or Paperless Assembly may be a concept that involves electronic means to ease Assembly work. the complete law-making process, sharing of knowledge, tracking of documents and decisions is automated under e-Assembly.