More Than 50% Of Patients Delay Cataract Surgeries In India Due To Misconceptions: Report

Many people do not know that one of the main causes of vision loss in the country is cataracts; however, it is treatable with a simple procedure with a success rate of over 98%. 9 out of 10 people who underwent cataract surgery have clear vision according to research conducted by the National Eye Institute. Cataracts also usually affect people who are in the age group of 40 or older.

Pristyn Care Lab has launched “The Great Indian Cataract Survey Report” It aims to create awareness and promote overall eye care on the occasion of Cataract Awareness Month. The survey was conducted with more than 1000 respondents across metros in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and other cities as well as data analysed on cataract surgery performed so far by Pristine Care Data Lab.

More than 50% of Indians are delaying cataract surgery according to the survey. The most common misconceptions about cataract surgery include loss of vision, painful procedures, or long recovery periods. Among the top criteria for cataract surgery, 52% of Indians choose specialized, highly experienced surgeons, 41% choose advanced technology and 26% make decisions based on the location of the surgery, i.e. eye hospitals and clinics. The purchasing power and cost of the surgery ends at 24%.

Dr. Kripa Pulasaria, Ophthalmologist said, “While there can be multiple reasons for cataract delay, we at Pristyn Care believe that it is important to address patient concerns and spend time with them one-on-one. Patients who understand the treatment and benefits of advanced technology are generally not anxious while undergoing the surgery. Fears of pain, surgical complications, or losing eye-sight can be mitigated with appropriate preoperative education.”

Co-founder of Pristyn Care, Dr Garima Sawhney said, “Cataract is the major cause of reversible blindness and visual impairment in the country. According to Pristyn Care’s Cataract survey report, we have observed that lack of access to information, treatment and accessibility are the main reasons for delay among Indians. Cataract surgeries are the most common and frequently performed as compared to other elective procedures.

We are committed to introducing advanced treatments for better and quick recovery. We also spoke to the patients who have undergone cataract surgeries and 83% agreed that their pre-surgery inhibitions were unfounded. In fact, 97% of patients would also recommend cataract surgeries to others.”