Ministry of Commerce and Industry Identifies New GI Tags For Exports Product

Ministry of commerce and industry has been identifying new geographical Indication (GI) tagged Agri products to export them to new destinations. A GI tag is a unique identifier that is given to a product, which defines the region of origin of that product. This tag also signifies the product’s origin as that region’s property.


List of GI-tagged Agricultural Products of Bihar

Great emphasis has also been placed by the govt. on connecting farmer producer companies, farmer producing organizations and exporters to make an export hub in Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi.

In the race for Geographical Indication status, Karnataka is way ahead of Bengal or Odisha


The country’s agriculture sector has played a crucial role in exports, especially during the pandemic thus cementing India’s place as an emerging major global food and agriculture product supplier.

Telangana seeks GI tag for four more products


Basmati Rice and Darjeeling Tea are the 2 most well-liked products that are exported from India. the govt. is trying to spot other such products which if marketed properly can reach more buyers across the planet.


Keeping in mind the Vocal for Local and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives the govt., through the Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), has been trialling shipments into new markets across the planet surely products like Naga Mircha, Kala Namak rice, Bangalore Rose onion, Assam Kaji Nemu, GI kinds of Mangoes, Nagpur oranges, Bhalia wheat, GI-tagged Shahi Litchi, Bardhaman Sitabhog and Mihidana, Madurai Malli, Jalgaon Banana, Dahanu Gholvad Sapota, Marayoor jaggery, Vazhakulam pineapple, etc.

GI tag for rasogolla awarded to West Bengal, claims made by Orissa thwarted

A lot of recent GI products are exported from the country to numerous locations across the planet in 2021 like Joynagar Moa from West Bengal to Bahrain. Talking about GI tagged products like mangoes, litchis have also been exported to other countries like South Korea, Italy, the UK, the USA, the UAE etc. GI tagged products from the northeast like Mizo Chilli, Meghalaya Khasi Mandarin, etc also are being promoted.

Geographical Indication (GI) Tag in India | HaryanaMagazine

APEDA is continually working to push GI products across the planet in order that they’ll be exported to a worldwide market.