Manual Scavenging Is A curse To Humanity; NHRC Suggests Recommendations

The Centre should provide Rs10 lakh loan to manual scavengers’ relations so they’ll start some enterprise. If we study the records of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) should monitor the sewer deaths in its reports.
The NHRC recommended expanding the definition of manual scavenging so as to hide other hazardous cleanings, or enacting a replacement law for hazardous cleaning.

What else can I do?': Delhi deaths reminder that manual scavenging continues despite govt schemes
It also recommended that there should be a penalty to forestall harassment of ladies manual scavengers and youngsters of manual scavengers.
NHRC has recommended that manual scavengers could also be linked to schemes under which they’ll immediately start earning like MGNREGA.
It has further asked that the number of compensation paid joined time cash assistance for rehabilitation of manual scavengers is also enhanced from Rs40,000 to Rs1 lakh.

Why does India still not have a database of manual scavengers?
Scavenging is a practice practiced by an outcast community also referred to as “untouchables” within India’s ancient system of caste hierarchies.
“Untouchables” are often impoverished, shunned by society and forbidden from touching Indians of other castes, or maybe their food which itself is demeaning on moral grounds.
Scavenging continues in parts of India largely because of governmental indifference and social prejudice.

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There is a whole absence of designing for maintenance of sewerage, septic tanks, and waste disposal systems within the urban policies made for the town by the state and personal companies.

The number of individuals killed while cleaning sewers and septic tanks have increased over the previous few years. 2019 saw the very best number of manual scavenging deaths within the past five years.

Manual Scavenging
The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan should make expansion of the sewer network a top priority and are available up with a scheme for scientific maintenance that may end the manual cleaning of septic tanks. The laws should be enforced vigorously when it comes to the implementation part to eliminate manual scavenging in its entirety.

There should be provisions for trials and testing of protective gear and provisions for better healthcare facilities, insurance cover, pension plans and regulations together with preventive and social medicine education for the manual scavengers.