Manish Sisodia Accused CBI Of Pressurizing Officer To Implicate Him, Know What He Said!!

Manish Sisodia made a big claim about a CBI officer amidst the ruckus over the Excise policy in Delhi. Manish Sisodia said that the CBI officer who had committed suicide in the past was pressurized to give legal sanction to arrest me wrongly. He alleged that the deceased CBI officer could not bear the mental pressure and committed suicide. During a press conference, Sisodia further said that a CBI officer was pressurized to implicate him in a false excise case. “He could not bear the mental pressure and therefore committed suicide two days back. This is really unfortunate, I am very hurt”, said Sisodia.

He said, “I want to ask the Prime Minister why so much pressure is being put on the officials. Why are they being forced to take big step? Arrest me if you want to, but don’t destroy the families of your officers”.

CBI rejects Sisodia’s claims

Rejecting the claims of Manish Sisodia, the CBI said, “We reject all the allegations leveled by him. The deceased CBI officer Jitendra Kumar had nothing to do with the Delhi Excise Policy case. The allegations leveled by him are baseless. The investigation against him is still on. At present, we have not given him a clean chit. With such rhetoric, they want to divert the issue of excise policy.”

Proud of development work done in Delhi government schools

Amid allegations of corruption by the BJP in Delhi’s education department, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday said he is proud of the development work done in Delhi’s schools. While speaking at an event on Teachers’ Day, he said that he would continue to work towards the betterment of the education sector, even if it meant hanging or going to jail.

Sisodia said, “You have complained that we made more rooms, we are proud that we got more rooms. You have complained that why did we build more toilets, we are proud that we built toilets. You ask why so many facilities are being provided to these children, we are proud that we have given them these facilities. If you want to hang us, hang us. If you want to put us in jail, put us into jail. You sent CBI to my house, send them again, I am not afraid”.