Low Attendance In Bihar Assembly: Why Lawmakers’ Presence Not Mandatory In Parliament Or Legislature?

The ruling ally government in Bihar, JDU and BJP, recently faced an embarrassing situation inside the state assembly when the legislature assembly adjourned the proceeding after the lunch break due to low attendance of members of legislature assembly (MLAs). Even JDU had no members in the house.

The senior BJP Leaders told the reporters that CM Nitish Kumar, as part of the campaign for NDA’s presidential candidate, and when Draupadi Murmu filed her nomination papers, the entire NDA was present and showed unity in front of the opposition.

Teacher Was Absent: CM Nitish Kumar’s JDU left BJP In Bihar Legislature

According to the rule, 10 per cent of the 243 members of the house should be members for the proceedings to continue. There is no member present from CM Nitish Kumar’s party JDU. Many media reports said that this shows a dispute between the BJP-JDU dispute over the Agneepath scheme, but JDU leaders denied such allegations.

The monsoon session ended after two days, but the boycott of two days monsoon session announced by opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav objected to the speaker not allowing discussion on the Agneepath scheme. The political party-wise condition of the Bihar Assembly is that the Indian National Congress is always absent because of the tussle between RJD-INC. AIMIM state chief and his MLAs are also lacking. Some JDU members and BJP MLAs are also missing.

Vijay Kumar Sinha, the speaker of the Bihar assembly, said that there is a sufficient number to complete the quorum but at the same time added that there is an important topic to discuss. After expressing dissatisfaction over the absence of members in the house, Vijay Kumar Sinha adjourned the proceeding till Wednesday.

After adjourned, JDU MLA, including a minister, were found walking inside the assembly outskirts; Lacey singh said, “think about it, it is wrong that there was some plan behind the absence of JDU members. We are just a little late while returning from the meeting. Parbatta’s JDU MLA said, ‘the absence of our party MLAs was just a coincidence. It has not been done intentionally’.

During the protests against the centre’s Agneepath scheme, the residents of Bihar deputy CM Renu Devi and the house of BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal were attacked by protesters, and protesters destroyed several party offices. After destroying the house of BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal, he finds fault in the state government for insufficient efforts to stop the protest in the state.

JDU national president Rajiv Ranjan reacted to the BJP state president’s comment and said, “the central government has taken the decision of Agneepath scheme, and this scheme faced protest in another state. Also, the youth are worried about their future and come out protesting in another state. Also, the youth were concerned about their future and then protested. Of course, violence is not the way, we cannot accept violence, but BJP should also listen. Instead, the BJP is blaming the administration of JDU. Protests are also taking place in many BJP-ruled states. Why is Jaiswal not talking about the inaction of the security forces of BJP-ruled states?

Singh had said, “the announcement of the Agneepath scheme by the centre has created bitterness among the youth of Bihar and other parts of the country, so Modi government has to think about the reconsideration of the scheme to the Modi government needed, if the government does not accept the concern of youth then India faced many protests.