‘Let Them Try’: Putin Challenges West To Fight Russia On Battleground

More than four months into the invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted Thursday that the military operation had only just started. And he challenged Western countries, including the USA supporting Ukraine, to “try” to fight Russia on the battleground.

In television broadcasts to parliamentary leaders, Putin pressed back on the plan that Moscow had let the military operation pull on for too long, saying it hadn’t “even really begun anything yet.” Putin said arranging peace and stability is getting increasingly complex, then attentive his anger on Western countries that have trusted wide-ranging sanctions on Moscow while giving support and weapons to Ukraine.

The reporter asked We hear today that the West wants us to be defeated on the battleground” Putin said, “Well, what can I say? Let them try.”

President Putin added: “We have heard several times that the West, including The US, wants to contest us to the last breath of Ukrainian. This is a disaster for the Ukrainian, but everything appears to be heading toward this.”

 The governor of Ukraine’s Luhansk area, which is now almost out and out under Moscow control, said Friday that the city of Severodonetsk is facing many problems related to the humanitarian crisis Critical infrastructure, including the discharge system, has been badly destroyed for months of the invasion, and “there is no water, gas or electricity supply,” he said, adding that 80 per cent of homes in the city have been destroyed.

The people of Ukraine are not ready to give up their lands as new territories of the Russian Federation,” Zelensky told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, shaking his head as he spoke. “This is our land. We have always said this and will never give it up.”

Despite Putin’s swagger, the Russian militia is facing critical long-term challenges. International sanctions are hurting Russia’s plan for progress, forcing Moscow to transfer into a second-hand economy dependent on poor substitutes. Moscow is increasingly set on making its products— even if it means coming back to plans of import exchange that yielded a vast if international disagreeable manufacturing complex before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Kremlin is also to climbing find experienced fighters after no longer having many soldiers earlier in the military operation. Moscow has reduced a general mobilization of draft-age troops, saying that such progress could sign that the invasion is not proceeding in the Russian media. Instead, the militia has undertaken an operation to inflate the ranks of active troops who have voluntarily signed contracts by dialling entitled men and trying to recharge reservists.

“Everybody should know that largely saying, we haven’t even started anything in earnest,” Putin told parliamentary leaders. “The course of history is bulletproof, and attempts by the collaborative West to enforce its vision of the global order are destined to fail.”

“Putin said that Russia’s potential is so great in this regard that only a small part of it is now involved in a special military operation,”