Laal Singh Chadha: Check Out Reasons For Aditya Chopra Rejecting Aamir Khan’s Son Junaid To Play Lead

Now, this is fascinating. In his recent interaction, Aamir Khan exposed how his old-timer son Junaid Khan was his first preference to play the lead part of Laal Singh Chadha in the film. As per information, Aamir Khan was ready to launch his son Junaid with Laal Singh Chadha. However, destiny determined otherwise. And Aamir Khan had to take the initiative in the movie to play the lead. Aamir Khan disclosed how he was not convinced that Advait Chandan, the director of ‘Secret Superstar’, would be able to supervise this kind of film. So he asked him to construct a few key scenes from the movie as a test shoot and even urged that he won’t act in this mock shoot, and that’s how Junaid came into the film. 

As per information, Aamir additionally adds that Junaid had just come from the USA after completing his studies, and so he requested him to play the role of Laal Singh Chadha in the test shoot, and that’s how the superstar thought that he could see both their capabilities to lead and to act. Aamir even released that the shoot happened, and they were amazed by seeing the final cut. Junaid was highly impressive and influential as Laal, and so that’s when he determined to launch his son. Aamir Khan, known to be in the news for his ideal in the entertainment news, even shaved the beard he was growing for the role as he had decided that now he won’t play the part.

Later the actor revealed that Aditya Chopra wasn’t convinced of Junaid’s launch with this film. After a few arguments and controversies, Aamir compromised with Aditya not to launch his son with this film, so he stepped in and again started developing his beard for the character. When asked if Junaid was an ad for this growth, the actor said, “Junaid bahut practical hai,” and he is very much conscious that he cannot be a part of such a big budget film at this stage. Do you think Junaid would be fit for the role?