Jaishankar Fires Fresh Salvo On Rahul Gandhi’s US Remarks, Says “He Speaks A Lot Without…” Deets Inside!

Rahul Gandhi received criticism from S Jaishankar for comments he made in the US, and the Congressman claimed that Gandhi frequently disparages India abroad. Days after Congressman Rahul Gandhi attacked the governing BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi by referring to him as a “specimen” in the US, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar launched another attack on the Gandhi scion. Rahul Gandhi frequently criticises India outside, according to Jaishankar, who also claimed that Gandhi has a solid grasp of the facts. “He has a habit of criticising India abroad and it is not in the interest of the country to take its internal matters to the outside world.

“Sometimes Rahul Gandhi talks about the Chinese bridge on Pyongang lake. He should understand that China took over that particular area in 1965,” EAM Jaishankar said. Referring to Gandhi’s recent remarks made at an event in the US, the minister said, “The world is watching us”. “I don’t think taking national politics out of the country is in the national interest,” Jaishankar stated. Rahul Gandhi, who is now in the US, has lambasted the administration on a number of occasions. He claimed that the RSS, the BJP, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have a tendency to look back and to place blame for the past. Gandhi claimed at a US event that PM Modi is trying to operate the Indian car while only looking in the rearview mirror, which will result in “one accident after another.”

The Congress, according to Rahul Gandhi, assumed responsibility for the train accidents that occurred while the British were in power rather than the British government. Jaishankar also hit out at the Congress and mentioned, “Congress always talks about modern villages constructed by China near the Arunachal border. Then Congress should also tell us that the area where modern villages are being constructed by China has been under them since 1959.”

The BJP-led union government has repeatedly been charged by the Congress with failing to make any progress towards reestablishing the pre-crisis status quo on the frontiers. Following the intense battle in the Galwan Valley in June 2020—the most significant military conflict between the two nations in recent memory—relations between the two nations took a sharp downward turn. “Currently, the issue is related to patrolling only because after 2020, both countries have done forward posting, especially after the Galwan incident. Our issue with them is that these forward postings are completely contrary to past precedent and mutual understanding,” Jaishankar stated.