It Is High Time For Young Minds To Consider A Career In Politics And Save The Nation

People with the capacity to be good leaders tend to stay away from politics. They think that it attracts mostly bad blood. Those in political office in 1947 and those in 2023 have vastly different values. The former politicians were motivated by a sincere desire to see the country become independent.

But the latter were distracted by several unimportant objectives. The ability of young people to affect change in a country’s political climate has always amazed me. I am certain that the participation of young people in politics is essential for the development of a nation. This is said having witnessed numerous examples of successful youth movements in other areas of the world.

I’ve noticed that many urban young people in Bharat have little to no interest in politics. Instead, they would pursue careers in industries such as media, entertainment, journalism, and technology. Although this is sensible to a certain extent, young people should be at the forefront of defining the future of a young country like India by engaging in politics and public affairs. Leaders who are dedicated, honest, and compassionate, and who uphold strong moral and ethical standards, are in short supply.

The refrain “we don’t want to come into politics” is unfortunately popular among the middle and upper classes. It’s outside of our league. Truth be told, most of us who live in major urban centers don’t bother to vote. Some students, students’ unions, and politically active students at the nation’s roughly 30,000 colleges can come together to establish a unified front.

Professional programs and career in politics

Professional programs to prepare students for careers in politics and government are in high demand. I have seen firsthand the changes brought about by the Bharatiya Chatra Sansad (Indian Student Parliament) throughout the years. Educating politically engaged students about government, democracy, and leadership can motivate them to participate in public life. This may help them to assume future leadership responsibilities if they are brought together on a single platform. We need to dispel the myth that a career in politics is impossible.

Young people’s dearth of interest in politics can be attributed in part to the absence of visible role models in the field. Those of us who have worked to inspire the next generation of Indian political leaders must do our part to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their duties. The development of students’ critical thinking abilities should take precedence over the instruction of content knowledge. In politics, the ability to think critically and have productive conversations is extremely valuable.

More and more young people are becoming involved in politics and other public issues these days, which gives me hope. The only way to create a genuinely democratic and inclusive society is to channel the youth’s passion, initiative, and creativity. If we continue to support youth, they will lead our nation into a prosperous future. We owe it to them to provide them with the resources they need to become effective community leaders and change agents. All of Bharat’s youth should consider a political career and become agents of change if the nation is ever to reach its maximum potential. Then we will be able to actualize our vision of a more powerful, prosperous, and equitable India for all of its citizens.