India’s Role In Peace Keeping Missions For United Nations


The Indian peacekeepers are presently operating with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and causing their outstanding service in the strife-torn East-African nation. Some of the abilities of 1,160 Indian peacekeepers who were lately adorned with the UN award for their exceptional service in South Sudan.

Extraordinary and multifaceted yield by Indian peacekeepers

The multidimensional work by the Indian engineering corps includes rehabilitating arterial roadways in the area, including the 75-kilometre-long lane from Malakal to Abwong via Balliet in South Sudan.

The primary duty of considerable peacekeepers is protecting civilians who are in biological danger by patrolling in high-risk locations and by accompanying humanitarian convoys that convey aid to those most in hunger. In this way, Indian peacekeepers guarantee that the much-needed assistance goes to regional folks safely.

India’s Affair With International Peacekeeping Mission

New Delhi has a long and bottomless habit of donating to UN peacekeeping. It is influential that over 200,000 Indians have served in 49 of the 71 UN peacekeeping missions founded around the world since 1948.

Further, India has been a regular supporter of female peacekeepers on UN missions. In 1960, women operating in the Indian Armed Forces Medical Services were interviewed by United Nations Radio before living in the Republic of the Congo.

In 2007, India became the first nation to deploy an all-women delegation to a UN peacekeeping mission. The Formed Police Department in Liberia equipped 24-hour security duty and worked night patrols in the capital Monrovia and allowed to build the power of the Liberian police.

Significantly, from 2007 to 2016, there were nine circuits of all-female police units from New Delhi, whose primary commitments were to supply 24-hour guard duty, general order control, and run night patrols in and close the capital, Monrovia, while helping to build the capacity of local security institutions.

Currently, there are more than 6,700 corps and officers from India who have been deployed to UN peacekeeping tasks. The vast bulk of them is in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Indian Army’s assistance in UN peacekeeping Mission

During the peacekeeping process, the 570 soldiers powerful infantry regiment of the Indian Army was deployed, which was tasked to provide humanitarian help and watch the diplomatic border between Sudan and South Sudan.

Indian Army: World’s 3rd most crucial supporter in peacekeeping processes

Nowadays, the Indian Army has deployed over 5,300 fighters in eight different UN missions around the world. It is influential that the Indian Army is the world’s third-largest army supporter of peacekeeping operations.

The judgment to send another infantry regiment comes in the backdrop of India’s ongoing two-year tenure as a non-permanent organ of the United Nations Security Council since January 2021. India confirmed its seat at the prominent 15-member UNSC for the eighth time.

Army’s Deep Embryones in International Peacekeeping Missions

Indian Army’s participation in the UN peacekeeping functions transits over 57 years, in 43 various UN Missions. More than 90,000 Indian Army soldiers have performed in multiple parts as part of these urgent missions globally.

India has deployed its peacekeeping regiment in countries like Rwanda, Cambodia, Lebanon, Ethiopia-Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Kuwait, Liberia, Mozambique and Congo.