India’s Endeavour To Democracy Was Never Easy: A Look Back Into Its Journey So Far

The form of state doesn’t matter in the slightest degree. What matters is the happiness and also the welfare of the masses. Any type of government is sweet if the people are happy and prosperous. Talking about India’s democracy, India has a democratic style of government for the people, by the people, of the people. Everyone in a very democracy is meant to be free, responsible, and happy. Democracy ensures equality of opportunity to all or any.

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The working of Democracy in India, at times, makes one feel that there’s something basically wrong with the democratic system of the state. it’s no child’s play to fight an election. it’s an awfully expensive game. Really talented persons don’t step forward to contest the elections. Success within the election depends upon the patronage of corrupt businessmen, local ‘gundas’ and professional politicians. Consideration of caste or religion also plays a crucial part. The majority of the voters are illiterate and poor. Most of the folks that manage to be elected, don’t deserve the honour the least bit. In Assemblies and also the Parliament, they enter into mud-slinging, fist fighting and useless shouting. The angry and frustrated masses pop out in the streets. Their anger is exploited by the opposition parties and they start burning material possession, attacking public servants, and doing paralyzing work.

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It was this state of affairs that the solon Government tried to regulate by imposing an enclosed Emergency within the country. The people of the country rejected the concept of limited dictatorship and defeated the Gandhi government. The Janata Party came into power. Democracy which seemed to be badly derailed was claimed to be restored on the rails. Everybody thought that things would change for the higher. But nothing of the type happened.

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Talking about its consequences, the people of India once again lost faith in democracy miserably. They started feeling that democracy and discipline couldn’t perhaps go together. yet again they made up their mind to pay and price for the sake of discipline and order in national life. that’s why they voted Gandhi, the author of the black emergency, back to power all over again. Mrs Gandhi strengthened democracy still further. When the honourable PM was shot dead, a wave of violence and unrest could be seen across the country. But the new government acted quickly and controlled the case. Soon after, the final Election for the 8­­th Lok Sabha was held.

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The people of India reposed their faith within the ruling party headed by Rajiv Gandhi. After a short stint of opposition rule, the people of India another time voted the Congress back to power. Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao was called upon to guide the country after the assassination of Rajiv  Gandhi. The peaceful conduct of elections proved yet again that Democracy had taken deep and firm roots in India. An era of coalition governments appears to air the cards now. In our multiparty system, it appears difficult for one, party to realize the majority. The coalitions, however, are visiting prove stable within the country. there’s no cause for worry or alarm. The country is now bobbing up as a good power in Asia. Democracy has certainly come to remain.

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there’s little question that Democracy as a system of state does have some flaws and failings. But there’s no better system of state devised thus far. Totalitarian regimes have crumbled down sort of a house of cards one after the opposite. We may plug certain loopholes but we cannot do away with Democracy. The democratic system of the presidency in India is getting stronger and stronger the day.