India’s Aid To Sri Lanka Is Purely Economic And Not Political: EAM Jaishankar

In Sri Lanka, the prices of daily necessities have skyrocketed. Inflation is running at more than 50%. There has also been a massive power outage. The lack of medicines has brought the health system to the brink of destruction. However, Union Foreign Minister S. Jayashankar has kept India away from Sri Lanka’s political instability.

Jaishankar told, “The situation in Sri Lanka is very sensitive and complicated. Many developments are underway in Sri Lanka, even as we speak. Sri Lankans are our neighbours and friendly people. India wants to help them tide over their current economic travails. India’s focus is on the economic aspects. Other issues are not bothering India.”

He was also asked about the alleged Chinese trespass on India’s border along the LoC (Line of Control). Jayashankar said the border issue arose in 1962 due to the Chinese occupation of Indian territory, “The Chinese came and occupied large areas, including Ladakh. These are strategic areas which pose certain challenges to our border forces as far as what happened in the last two years.”

Mr Jayashankar said India had effectively resisted any attempt to unilaterally change the situation on the border, “We won’t countenance such measures. Currently, India and China are parleying at the diplomatic and military levels. The focus is on determining whether disengagement is possible at friction points where both Indian and Chinese forces are deployed close. I had flagged the matter with my Chinese counterpart last week.”

India has been a concerned neighbour since the crisis in Sri Lanka reached its climax a few weeks ago. From extending the $ 500 million credit line for fuel imports to offering 1 billion in assistance to procure essentials, India’s huge wealth has helped Sri Lanka avert its worst crisis.