India Likely To Surpass China In Population Count Within 2023: UN Report

China still tops the world in terms of the total population. India is a little behind. However, the UN report says that India will surpass China within the next year.

According to the report, the population of India and China this year is 141.2 crore and 142.6 crores respectively. By 2050, China’s potential population will be more than 131 million. At that time, India will go a long way (the potential population is more than 166 crores). This information has come up in a report on the population on behalf of the United Nations. According to the report, on November 15 this year, the world’s population crossed the 800 crore mark. In 2030 it will be 850 crores, in 2050 970 crores, and in 2100 the potential population of the world is going to be more than 1040 crore!

The UN report showed that the two most populous regions in the world in 2022 are East and Southeast Asia and Central and South Asia. Between these two regions, India and China fall. East and Southeast Asia have a population of 2.3 billion (29% of the world’s population)

Central and South Asia, on the other hand, have a population of 2.1 billion (26% of the world’s population). The report predicts, “Central and South Asia will become the world’s most populous region by 2037. The population in East and Southeast Asia will begin to decline by 2030.”

As soon as the UN report came to light, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted, “A possible date is coming up. It was called 2034 two decades ago. Later it was 2926. Now it is 2023. ”Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has been vocal in his demand for population control in India for several days. He said today that family planning or birth control plans must be implemented. “But we have to see that the balance of the population is not lost,” Tharoor said. He questioned the need to maintain the stability of the population.