In Tripura, PM Modi Targets Congress-Left Alliance, Says They Used To ‘Loot’ People And ‘Pull State Down’ Deets Inside!!!

In just five years, according to PM Modi, the BJP was able to put the state back on the path of rapid development, and the state has resolved that the “double-engine of progress” would not stop. He was speaking to a crowd in Ambassa, in the Dhalai district. Prime Minister Narendra Modi blasted the Congress-Left alliance during a rally in the poll-bound Tripura district of Radhakishorepur, claiming that the parties regressed the state’s progress while they were in power.

According to Modi, the BJP government has developed nearly 5,000 villages over the past five years, built roads, and provided robust mobile and internet connectivity. “It was the faith of the people of Tripura, which made us give our best towards bringing development in the State. I had promised for HIRA, and justifying the same today, the growth and prosperity in Tripura stands unparalleled,” he stated.

Speaking earlier today at a rally in Ambassa in the Dhalai district, Modi said that the BJP had put the state back on the path of rapid development in just five years and that the state had made the decision to continue using the “double-engine of development.” “The Congress and the Left had pushed Tripura backward in terms of development, but our government brought Tripura on the track of rapid development in just five years,” PM Modi said. “The Congress and Left have aligned… Every vote there is going to pull Tripura down,” he added. “The BJP has freed Tripura from an atmosphere of fear and a culture of ‘chanda’ (donations)… Earlier, CPI(M) cadres used to control police stations, the BJP has now established rule of law,” PM Modi mentioned.

“For the region to witness further development, every vote should be spent on the BJP-IPFT government,” he added. Additionally, the PM stated that the party was concentrating on three pillars: Awas (Housing), Aarogya (Health), and Aay (Income). “PM Awas Yojana ensured that 3 lakh homes were built for beneficiaries. In Tripura, more than 2 lakh people with serious illnesses were treated under the Ayushman Yojana. More than 4 lakh households have toilets, drinking water and almost 3 lakh houses have gas connections,” he stated.

PM Modi mentioned, “BJP developed the Ambassa Dhadai region and now it has reached the second place in the list of 150 ideal districts in the country. BJP workers visited every village to ensure efficient implementation of all schemes.” Additionally, he claimed that the BJP had repealed rules passed by the previous administration that prohibited the cutting and trafficking of bamboos, which had benefited the tribal population because bamboo products are well known around the world.