‘I Kill Criminals, Not Children And Old’: Duterte And Putin Relationship Stumbles

Despite the fact that both Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte have been labeled as murderers, “I kill criminals, I don’t kill children and the old,” said Duterte, who is resigning as president of the Philippines. He made the remarks while speaking to cabinet members in front of cameras at a televised weekly meeting. It’s like we’re living in two distinct universes at the same time.

On Tuesday, Duterte, who considers Putin an idol and a friend, slammed the three-month-old conflict for the rise in global oil prices that has hit several countries, including the Philippines, in his comments.

However, he made it clear that he did not share Putin’s displeasure at the abduction, and that he considered it an unrestricted act of war against “a sovereign country.”

More than 6,000 people have been killed in a brutal anti-drugs operation led by President Rodrigo Duterte since his term expires on June 30.

The Philippines voted in favour of a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly denouncing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine more than a week after Russian military lay siege to the country.

At the Russian Embassy in Manila, Duterte called on Putin and the Russian government to cease bombing and firing artillery rounds into residential areas so that civilians may safely flee.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was worried about the country’s energy supplies, as the conflict in Ukraine continued to escalate. He said that he is about to leave and has no idea how to fix the matter. Before they can speak about returning to normality, Duterte told Putin that he had to end the conflict in Ukraine first. He advised Vladimir Putin to be very severe with his troops.