Hyderabad, Mumbai Jointly Recognised As ‘2021 Tree City Of Globe’; Check Out Entire Process

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN-FAO) together with day Foundation has recognized Hyderabad and Mumbai jointly as the ‘2021 Tree City of the globe.’

Recognizing Tree Cities of the World
The recognition has been won by the 2 Indian cities because of their commitment to maintaining and growing greenery and urban trees so on build resilient, healthy and happy cities.

This is the very first time Mumbai has made it to the list. Hyderabad has been on this list for the second consecutive year which is itself amazing.

Hyderabad recognised as a '2020 Tree City of the World' | Deccan Herald

The programme was started by the UN-FAO and Arbor Day Foundation, an American non-profit organisation. The aim of starting this programme was to recognise towns and cities across the globe that are committed to making sure that their trees and concrete forests are sustainably managed, properly maintained, and duly celebrated.

Under this programme assistance, direction, and worldwide recognition is provided to those communities that are showing dedication to their urban forest. The programme also provides a framework for a sustainable and healthy urban forestry programme in a very city or a town.

Tree Cities of the World
To be recognized as a ‘Tree City,’ a city has to meet five core standards that show its commitment to caring for its forests and trees. For a city to be recognized as a Tree City, it must delegate responsibility for the caring of trees within the municipal boundary to a city department, a employee, or a gaggle of citizens called a Tree Board.

Also, a law or a political candidate policy must be in situ within the city to manipulate the management of trees and forests.

Town must even have an updated assessment or inventory of the local tree resources so it can establish an efficient long-term plan for caring for, planting, and removing city trees. the town must even have an infatuated annual take into account implementing a tree management plan.

Also, the town must organise an annual celebration of trees with the aim of raising awareness among the people and must also acknowledge the citizens who have applied the tree programme within the city.