How India’s Brain Drain Impacts Country’s Youth? Check Out Reasons For Indian Diaspora

An epidemic called the Indian diaspora, or India’s drain has been prevalent over the past decades. This idea is one in all Indian people moving to other countries, mainly the US, UK or Canada, serves many purposes. To experience the Western culture, pick up opportunities, or maybe just to honour their family in a very new country, but immigrating someplace else has become quite prevalent among many Indians.

But what are the consequences this can be having? Growing unrest about the present Indian establishment, especially those trying to find teaching, means it’s almost imperative that they move out of India to somewhere just like us for education.

In 2018 alone, over 7.3 million students were studying abroad of about 250 million total students in government-run and personal schools.

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Again, for skilled workers, the rationale to immigrate from India is for better economic and social safety nets. Having nations where welfare, or the foremost basic needs for education and health are taken care of for a modest price, is that the pulling factor for many off from India.

Another topic of concern of immigration has emerged recently, especially among the millennial generation. That being to depart India for mental freedoms from either the class structure or certain rules that Indian society forces onto citizens.

Even the digital boom from years past still trickles right down to people moving from India today, meaning that for whatever reason, some believe it’s best to depart India for elsewhere.


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Initially, if we see the entire scenario during the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries bunkered down and didn’t allow immigrants applying for citizenship for ages. Some countries closed their borders all at once until the case got better. However, some countries like the U.S. allowed medical professionals or healthcare workers in, and a good amount of Indian citizens took up the offer and did so.

Now, since the situation has definitely improved quite a lot with the assistance of things like the COVID-19 vaccine, most countries don’t seem to be prohibiting visitors or immigrants applying for citizenship. That being said, not everything is back to normal, and therefore the Indian drain has died down a small amount during this point.

The Great Indian Brain Drain, and Nothing to Come Back To

However, looking ahead to the long run, other nations can expect to determine more and more immigrants from India trying to come back certain either better education, a far better economic/job opportunity, better social services like welfare, or maybe only for mental freedom societal pressures.

In the past, there has been government action to do and stop the drain to a particular extent but has not succeeded in the amount that they’d hope for.

While the govt. has brought a National Skill Development Mission, planning to train 400 million Indian people, the drain is sort of inevitable. Unless the govt shuts down again or makes a major incentive to remain in India, more and more people will keep immigrating to the U.S. or Canada. Even just the concept of breaking free from one’s own country and moving to a unique country compels many, meaning that the drain in India will become a Brain Gain for several other countries for years to come back.