Hijab Row: College Asks Girls To Sit In Separate Classrooms, No Lessons; Is This New India Modi Ji Wants To Develop?


The fight to survive in a politically-charged society has become a menace, especially for the minorities. The Karnataka hijab row is one such latest example of religion versus politics. The only beneficiaries in this situation is the majority population of Hindus representing the saffron.

Ideology-driven students protesting wearing saffron scarves against the Muslim girls wearing hijab. These students are being treated differently by the education authorities on the basis of their clothing and its colour.


The administration allowed Muslim girls to enter inside after days of protest outside the government junior PU college in Udipi. But these girls are requested to sit in separate classrooms. In addition to that, no lessons were conducted for them.

The college institution allowed them inside the college just to avoid overcrowding outside the gates. Not only this, the principal, Ramakrishna GJ, asked the girls to remove the hijab so that they can attend the classes. But the young girls rejected the offer and continue to stand firm on their decision to continue wearing hijab.

BJP Validates Biased Decision

The BJP government in the state of Karnataka issued an order which said, “Banned the clothes which disturb equality, integrity and public order. In the event of the administrative committee not selecting a uniform , clothes which disturbs equality, integrity and public law and order should not be worn”. The BJP’s state president Nalin Kumar Kateel said, “The government will not allow Hijab at Educational institutions.”

The former CM of Karnataka Siddaramaiah said the constitution has given the right to practice any religion. That means one can wear any clothes according to their religion and faith. Denying entry to these hijab-wearing girls into the college is a violation of fundamental rights.

Modi Ji Vision For The Girl Child Of India

Recently, the BJP government passed a bill regarding the age of girls for marriage. PM Modi on so many public platform has announced that its a progressive and well-executed decision. A decision that will help in giving equal chances to females as that boys. Under this bill, the minimum age of marriage for women is 21 years. Earlier it was 18 years.

The current incident not only thrashes the tall claims which BJP makes in the women empowerment department. The right to education is the basic fundamental right of all children irrespective of gender, caste and creed. Its also a direct violation of the fundamental right of freedom to live, wear, eat and drink.

BJP’s pilot project #BetiBachoBetiPadao is destroyed to bits by this incident, that shows the reality of the ground. But the sad part is, PM Modi has no time to even think and tweet over the issue of Muslim girls. That clearly shows the difference between the reality and the rules in the file. The center government in parliament itself told that the girls education has hit a new low due to the pandemic.