English Language’s Position In Jeopardy: Problems With Languages In India

India could be a vast country inhabited by people speaking different languages and it remained a controversial issue for decades. Different political leaders and educationists express different opinions on the issue.

English being introduced by Britishers in schools and colleges, it gradually took firm roots in the Indian soil. English played a very important role in the freedom struggle. The contribution of this foreign language can’t be undermined.

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India is trying to become a strong nation from all spheres. In order to do so, the economic, social and political life of the state need to be changed. Progress is feasible as long as the people of India freely interact with their counterparts in other developed countries on the planet. People in other countries are making rapid progress in numerous fields of data.

English is a vital bridge for the traffic of thought between the East and the West. English continues to be a vital language utilised by computers and commercial establishments in major parts of the planet. In India too, it continues to be a mark and important aspect of Indian education.


Advanced knowledge in various sciences and also the latest research can come to India through the medium of English. We cannot read every book through translations in Hindi or in the other regional language. By depriving ourselves of this language, we shall be missing the fantastic works of Shakespeare, Shelley, Keats, and Byron.

English incorporates literature of affection and freedom, nature and adventure. Even some renowned Indians have produced their best work in this medium. Certain renowned authors like Nehru, Radhakrishnan, Aurobindo Ghosh, Mulk Raj Anand, Sarojini Naidu and Gandhi wrote their books and precious writings in English.

Regional languages haven’t yet fully developed and there are certain universities that have taken major steps to develop regional languages. But it’ll take a protracted time before regional languages are in a position to exchange with English.

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Recently, some Southern states in India are expressing fears regarding the imposition of Hindi on them. The Centre has assured them that English would still be used alongside Hindi. English is, therefore, essential for national unity. Almost every new school being opened within the country is an English medium school. This language is now being recognised not only as a mark of education but also as a mark of status and prestige.How English became an Indian language | Mint

The English lovers will, however, need to accept a subdued place for the language within the changing state of affairs. It is being increasingly realised that English should be developed and taught more as a library language than as a language of refined literature and rich thought.

Only recently, the Central government allowed the utilisation of regional languages as a medium of examination for competitive examinations. This shows that English may never have its pre-1947 status in times to come. It will, however, need to be used together with Hindi and also the regional languages of the country.