Election 2024: Mayawati To Target Muslim Vote Bank, Know Her Plan

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), which was reduced to only one seat in the 2022 UP Assembly elections, is also seeing the future of the party through this election result. Party strategists believe that this election result has proved that even after full support of their so-called casteism policy, Samajwadi Party is not able to stop BJP, so those who are also looking for a political alternative to stop BJP are now in a big dilemma. So now, in 2024 they will see hope in BSP itself.

Now the party will try to win the confidence of the voters by running a mass campaign that can live up to their expectations, so they should give preference to BSP as an alternative to BJP.

BSP believes that the elections of 2022 were deliberately turned into a one-on-one fight of ‘BJP vs SP’. When the Samajwadi Party did this work in the greed of more votes, the BJP felt that only Akhilesh Yadav could be targeted on the issue of ‘security’ on which it was going to fight the entire election.

Mayawati being famous for targeting criminals was the reason that the BJP-SP turned the entire election into a one-on-one fight through the media and the BSP suffered a loss.

Muslim And Jatav Votes Edged Out

Party strategists for the elections have also admitted that in search of an alternative, Muslim voters completely supported the Samajwadi Party, leading to its crushing defeat. In the seats where the party had also fielded Muslim candidates, Muslim voters supported the SP in search of an alternative.

Along with this the party also believes that with the Muslims going completely in favour of the SP, another section also developed the thinking of voting for the BJP unilaterally, due to which the matter went completely in favour of the BJP.

The party has admitted that it was not only the Muslim voters who left it, but the Jatavs and other Dalit voters who were its supporters also joined the SP in the hope of change in the elections, due to which the vote percentage of the party has come down. The party will once again try to create a ray of hope among these voters and will try to bring them into its camp.

A senior BSP leader who was present in the review meeting called in Lucknow told that Mayawati instilled confidence in the disappointed workers of the party. He said that any community which fully supported the SP in search of an alternative, even after that SP failed to give them that option. Its maximum vote percentage has dropped to around 32.

In such a situation, now the workers should tell the voters that the maximum limit of SP has been exposed, and now they should trust the BSP to stop the BJP. The party will now organizationally reconstitute the committees at the lower level while retaining the higher functionaries. Through this, it will take forward the politics of public interest and will get support from every community.

Akash Anand will remain in the role of National Coordinator, while the party will be given ground strength in UP by making three other coordinators. The party is satisfied with the performance of Bhim Rajbhar and therefore now the party has been retained him as the state president for the time being.