Dubai Government Goes Paperless, First Of Its Kind In The Whole World

Dubai Government goes paperless and this is the first of its kind initiative in the world. Recently the officials announced that Dubai has become the first paperless government. This could happen because of the paperless Strategy launched in 2018. With the Paperless Strategy fully employed in Dubai, now no employee or customer of the Dubai will need to print any documents or transactions. Printing is available on demand or at service/ typing centers. Vision for creating Dubai completely Digital has been achieved with all 45 government entities in the emirate are now paperless and provide 1,800 digital services covering 10,500 transactions.

Dubai government goes paperless

Dubai Paperless strategy:

The Dubai Paperless Strategy started in 2018 in 5 phases , with an initial group of six entities : Roads and Transport, Dubai Police, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority [DEWA], Department of Economic Development, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and the Department of Land and Property. Stage one helped cut paper usage by more than 72.5 million sheets of papers.

The Second phase of Paperless Strategy followed in 2019 with eight additional entities joining: Dubai Courts, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Public Prosecution, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, followed by Dubai health Authority; Community Development Authority, Dubai Customs and the General Directorate Of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. In Second Phase paper usage reduced thus saving 229.5 million of sheets.

The Third Phase included nine more entities, namely: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Dubai Media Incorporated, Department of Finance, Dubai Government Human Resources, Dubai Culture, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, AL Jalila Cultural Center for Children The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. This phase cut paper usage by 12.9 million sheets.

The Fourth Phase started in March 2020, which included ten entities such as Dubai Ports, Customs, Air Navigation, Airports and more entities. This phase helped in saving 11.9 million sheets. It also included 100% Digital Stamp initiative to honour government entities which helped in implementing this vision significantly.

The Fifth and Final Phase Began in June 2020 with nine more entities joining the strategy such as Supreme Legislation Assembly, Civil Defense Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center and other few entities. This group saved 8.2 million Sheets.