Drug Abuse Disrupts Society: School, College Students Among Targets, Needs Serious Intervention

Drug abuse has become an awfully significant issue now. Wherever we go, we discover drug addicts. There are drug addicts within the hostels of faculties, Colleges, universities, and technical institutions. we discover drug addicts in offices and even in business houses. Most o the rickshaw-pullers and plenty of factory workers are enthusiastic about drugs There are drug addicts not only in urban areas but also in rural areas the foremost alarming fact is that now we’ve not only men and boys who take drugs but also a number of girls and girls are using drugs.

Government prepares national action plan on drug abuse, dumps draft policy | India News,The Indian Express

Even in yore, there have been people that accustomed take drugs mostly opium. But the number of opium-eaters was quite small. Now it’s become a fashion to require drugs of all types, including. opium. Drugs that are most ordinarily consumed are opium heroin, smack, charas, bhang, ganja, LSD, morphine, cowl syrups, etc.

There are several reasons for this widespread use of medication. a number of the explanations are boredom, stress, and frustration which are a component of the trendy life. Many teenagers don’t get reasonable care and affection from their parents. they’re lonely and sad and begin stoning up. At first, they take a drug as they’re interested in its effects. once they feel the euphoria after taking it, they begin taking it regularly.

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They have to shop for drugs at any cost. But drugs are very costly. The result’s that they spend all their money on drugs and still they have extra money. They neglect their studies and begin working. they will even become thieves, pick-pockets, or murderers so as to urge money for drugs. Thus, drug-taking is additionally answerable for many crimes in our society.

They visit places like schools, colleges, and university hostels and entrap immature adolescents. they will also sell drugs to small shopkeepers near factories, offices & colleges.

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All-out efforts should be made to catch drug peddlers. An awakening against misuse should be brought among students et al through media and seminars. People should be told about the bad effects of medication on health. At the identical time, a network of de-addiction centers should be opened throughout the country to rehabilitate the drug-addicts. the instance of famous Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt can function as a pharos to drug addicts. they’ll get assured that they will get eliminate the habit of drug-taking through their will and treatment.

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No doubt, the prevailing drug de-addiction centers do praise-worthy work, but the method of rehabilitation doesn’t seem to possess been satisfactory. it’s because after a victim has been, de-addicted and cured, there’s no proper arrangement for his absorption in a very useful vocation. The result’s that in many cases, the de-addicted again start taking Burgs during a state of stress and desperation.