Delhi Police Goes Digital On 75th Anniversary, Launches India’s First Smart Card Arms License: Details Inside

On the 75th Anniversary of the Delhi police, the Union home minister has launched India first Smart Card Arms License (SCAL). It will replace the existing arm license booklet. This is the first-ever digital arms license card introduced across the nation. Its design and concept are executed under the assistance given by the National e-Governance Division. The Division comes under the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Smart Card Arms License Advantages

There are plenty of advantages to converting the arms license booklet into a smart card arms license. Firstly, it is very easy to carry as compared to the bulky booklet presently in use. It just looks like any debit or credit card, can easily fit in a wallet easily.  Not only this it also contains many security features too. Like it has a unique 18 digit identification number.

Along with the SCAL, Shastra Mobile App also comes into play. This app will collect Pan-India data of the arms license holder. The Joint Commissioner of Delhi Police, O.P Mishra said, “The App will help beat officers in identifying the credentials of arms license holders during day-to-day random checking.”

The App also has a real-time based checking feature of the license at various places like hotels, airports, clubs, banquets, auditoriums and many more places. As a result, if any police official recovers a gun or any weapon from a person, the details in the e-Beat book will help in finding details. Thus identifying if the weapon is illegal or genuine.


In addition to this to apply for SCAL one needs to fill the prescribed proforma present on the Delhi Police website under the licensing unit. Along with this Rs 100 as fee will be charged to those who are willing to get the SCAL. Not only this the licensee has to submit the old arms license booklet while getting the smart card arms license.

The arms license becoming digital is one of the schemes under the Centre’s flagship programme of Digital India Mission. On 31st January 2021, the e-arms license module came into play to enable services related to arms licensing.