Delhi Police Conducts Flag March In Jahangirpuri Ahead Of Hanuman Jayanti: Watch!!!

The Delhi Police staged a flag march in Jahangirpuri, Delhi, on Wednesday to safeguard the region’s peace and harmony. To guarantee that there is no recurrence of the violence that occurred during Hanuman Jayanti last year, Delhi Police organised a flag march in the Jahangirpuri neighbourhood on Wednesday. According to news agency ANI, police have refused to give the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and another organisation permission to hold processions in the area on April 6 in honour of Hanuman Jayanti.

ANI shared a short video on Twitter showcasing the march:

Many police officers could be seen marching with lathis in their hands in the one-minute footage, as well as hundreds of officers on bikes. According to Delhi Police, two organisations requested permission to organise a rally in Jahangirpuri, but both requests were turned down. There are strict security procedures in place. In order to make sure that the status quo of law and order is being maintained, paramilitary soldiers have also been deployed in Jahangirpuri and are patrolling the area. Also on patrol are employees riding bicycles.

On Hanuman Jayanti last year, Shobha Yatras were organised by groups without the proper police authorization, which resulted in mayhem throughout Jahangirpuri. Communal conflicts occurred, which sparked riots. For organising the yatra to commemorate Hanuman Jayanti on April 16, the Delhi Police filed a first information report (FIR) against two individuals from the Delhi branch of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal. Civilians and police officers were both injured in the skirmishes. A complaint was lodged at Jahangirpuri police station under Section 188 (disobedience to order lawfully proclaimed by public servant) by the chief constable of the same police station.

The FIR mentioned, “On April 16, without any permission, they gathered people and willingly carried out a procession “illegally”. There was a possibility of some tussle between two communities and it came to (the) fore from the police station that they did not take any permission. Prem Sharma and Braham Prakash personally gathered all the people illegally and without taking permission, they organised a procession, which is a violation of a notification issued by ACP (Jahangirpuri) on April 1.. Legal action under IPC Section 188 should be taken against them.” In light of the tragedy from the previous year, Delhi Police has increased security.