Dangerous Signal For Integrity Of Pakistan: Former PM Imran Khan Warns Islamabad To Be Divided Into Three Parts

Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has alerted that the nation will become a civil war if elections are not revealed. Khan expressed he was pausing for the pinnacle court to determine his party’s request to watch the protesters, after which he declared he would allocate the date for the next march.

The PTI head confessed he did not want absolute authority as the prime minister, suggesting that the centre of power in the homeland lay elsewhere and “everyone understands where that is.” Khan said his administration had been “weak” when it reached power and had to pursue cooperation members, counting that if the exact situation arose again, he would opt for re-elections and seek a majority government or none.


“Our hands were tied. We were squeezed from every place. The intensity wasn’t with us. Everyone understands where the power fibs in Pakistan, so we kept depending on them,” he stated without colouring, which he was referring to.

Imran Khan stated that if the organization did not take the “right decision”, the military would be destroyed, and “Islamabad would be split into three pieces”. BBC reported that the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PMRA) restricted the channel from re-telecasting the discussion.

According to the report, the former PM has also been charged with overstepping the right to freedom of expression secured by Article 19 of the Constitution and the rules of PMRA.

Pakistan is reportedly considering a case of sedition against Khan for allegedly planning an attack on the Federation.

In the interview, the anchor asks Imran if the institution did not help him. Khan replied, “This is Islamabad’s issue, the association’s problem. I will give you in handwriting that these two will be destroyed, and the army will be eradicated first.


Let me tell you from the start. Since they came to authority, the rupee has been declining, the stock market has slammed, and items have become pricey. Pakistan is dragging towards defaulting on charges. Suppose the association doesn’t make the correct decisions.

“Pakistan is going towards a bankruptcy. If that happens then which organization will be [worst] hit? The military. After it is hit, what benefit will be taken from us? Denuclearization.”


He additionally expressed that his administration was “weak” when it reached power and required to form groups. If the same possibility arose again, he would lead for re-election and pursue a majority rule or none.

“Our hands were bound. We were detected from all flanks. That is, (we) were squeezed from everyplace. We did not have the capacity thoroughly… In islamabad, everyone knows where the energy is.”


After his speech, PM Shehbaz Sharif responded angrily to Khan’s controversial remarks, saying the former PM was “unfit” for any public office.

Information Minister Maryam Nawaz also attacked Khan’s remarks. Expressing Khan’s mental illness, “The former PM is in the final stage of madness”.

The going could be challenging for the embattled PM, but the developments unfolding in Pakistan are a departure from the traditional coup regimes.