COVOVAX Vaccine By Serum Institute of India Gets Emergency Approval From WHO


Covovax Vaccine by the Serum Institute of India [SII] gets the approval from the WHO for emergency use. Under the license from Novavax, Covovax will be produced in India by the SII. It is a part of COVAX, a worldwide initiative aimed at providing, equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. Moving ahead in this direction the WHO issuing emergency use listing of the Covovax is a step in expanding the basket of jabs validated by the global health body against Corona. As a result of this step by the WHO Covovax becomes the 9th vaccine to be listed.

Meanwhile Adar Poonawalla tweets, “This is yet another milestone in our fight against COVID-19, showing excellent safety and efficacy. Thank you all for a great collaboration.” Indeed its a great news among the rising cases of Omicron variant across the world. Poonawalla also informs that the SII plans to launch Covovax in next six months. He adds Covovax will provide protection to the children down to the age of 3 as shown in the data of trials conducted.

COVOVAX emergency approval by the WHO confirmed by Adar Poonawalla.

Covovax Vaccine Approval By The WHO:

  • According to the WHO, Covovax is assessed under procedure based firstly on the reviews of data based on Quality, Safety and Efficacy.
  • Secondly on the risk management plan and programmatic suitability.
  • Lastly on the manufacturing site inspections carried out by the DCGI [Drug Controller General of India].
  • The Technical Advisory Group for Emergency Use Listing [TAG-EUL] by WHO has determined that the vaccine meets the WHO standards for protein against COVID-19.
  • Covovax benefits outperforms in front of minimal risks and for that reason it can be used globally.

The EUL pertains to the vaccine manufactured and marketed by the SII , a novel recombinant adjuvanted SARS-CoV-2rS vaccine in India. EUL filing is under review by WHO for vaccine to be marketed by Novovax under the brand name Nuvaxovid. Stanley C Erick, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novavax. “Today’s decision by the WHO is a vital ensuring global access to a protein based COVID-19 vaccine for millions of people around the world.” On the other hand Covovax is still waiting emergency use authorization from India’s DCGI.