Constitution Has No Meaning Without Institutions: Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi, at a recent book launch event, The Dalit Truth, talked about the weakening of Constitutional Institutions. Rahul said, “Constitution has no meaning without the institutions.”

He said that the biggest weapon of a democratic nation is the Constitution. “As it gives us the power to stand for equality. Also, it gives us the power to execute our right to choose not only the government but to speak against it, when it fails to deliver,” he said.

The Book “The Dalit Truth” is written by K.Raju. This book talks about the social discrimination of the people belonging to the Dalit caste and also their use as a vote bank.

Rahul Talks On Misuse Of Institutions

This is not the first time that the Congress leader has spoken against the BJP and its founding organisation RSS on a public platform. This time while launching the book called “The Dalit Truth” Rahul spoke about Dr B. R. Ambedkar.

He said that the Constitution of Dr B.R. Ambedkar is a weapon for the people of the nation. But for the Constitution to implement we need institutions. Sadly today all the institutions are operating like puppets of the RSS.

Rahul also said that the attack on the Constitution is not new, it has happened before also. It all started when Mahatma Gandhi was shot by Godse, an RSS follower.

Not only that, Rahul Gandhi made a startling revelation about the UP polls, How Congress approached her and she did not even react to the offer because of CBI and ED raids fear.

Rahul Gandhi talked about ex-CM of UP Mayawati on this occasion as she has been touted as a big Dalit face in UP politics. But now even though people have stopped trusting her, that gave BJP a clear and easy path to the victory in recent polls.

In the end, Rahul Gandhi quoted, “This is the reality of India. And when the Constitution defect, the weak are the worst affected- Dalits, minorities, tribals, the unemployed, small farmers and the poor”.

“The present situation of employment and economy are disastrous for the common man. “This is the time to fight,” said Rahul Gandhi.