Congress Party’s Culture Is To Benefit ‘Jeejas And Bhatijas’: FM Nirmala Sitharaman In Lok Sabha, Deets Inside!!!

Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Finance Minister, lashed out at Congress on Friday for criticising the government, claiming that the coalition in power does not make decisions with a single person in mind and that “we are not the party that promotes ‘jeejas and bhatijas’.” The minister responded to accusations made by Congress and stated that they will be “given back in the same language” in her point-by-point responses to the issues posed by opposition members during the union budget debate. Sitharaman responded when an opposition member brought up the budgeted provisions for clean energy while making a reference to the Adani group’s ventures into the industry.

“Taking my name, they said that Nirmala Sitharaman allotted a certain amount for green for someone. We don’t make policies keeping one person in mind unlike an opposition leader claimed. In PM Modi’s government, we make policies keeping everyone in mind. So, such statements are absolutely wrong. I have been repeatedly the target of such language by the leader. I am not taking anybody’s name because the leader is not around here now. Throw the allegation and go away,” she stated.

“If phone calls and allocations were made, if relations were given benefit, if jeejas and bhatijas got the benefit, it might be their culture. Under PM Modi, none of us does any of that. And therefore any such allegation will be given back in the same language,” she added.

In yet another jab at the Congress, Sitharaman suggested that its leaders “wash” their faces with “Dettol” before discussing corruption. The Union Finance Minister also criticised the states that increased VAT on petrol despite twice-decreased excise charge from the Center. She requested Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi to inquire of his party’s government in Himachal Pradesh as to why it increased the VAT on diesel following the Assembly elections.

“When the import price increased, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reduced the excise duty on petroluem products twice so as to reduce the price burden on the public. While we reduced the duty on fuel, there were states which did just the opposite. I want to name them,” she said.

In response to claims that the government has little regard for minorities, Sitharaman referenced the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi and the Nellie Massacre in Assam as examples of atrocities that occurred during past Congress administrations. The welfare programmes offered by the Modi administration were open to all qualified individuals regardless of any divisions, she claimed, accusing the Congress of engaging in vote-bank tactics.