China’s Warns Lithuania, Faces Backlash If It Plays With Fire On Taiwan

Persisting in moving others down the sinful way of keeping “Taiwan secessionists,” a Lithuanian commission guided by the government’s vice-minister of transportation and transmission is designed to start a five-day trip to Beijing’s Taiwan on Sunday, several daytimes after United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi anchored on the Taiwan island on July 2.

In the path of Pelosi’s holiday to Taiwan, over 160 nations have expressed up for righteousness, denounced the visit as careless and reckless suggestive conduct, and helped Beijing’s actions to support the sovereignty and territorial goodness. Only a few nations, Lithuania had, stand on the opposing flank of Beijing and the opposing side of righteousness.

Via a Twitter statement, Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuania’s foreign minister, stated that Pelosi has “unlocked the entrance to Taiwan much more comprehensive. I am certain other defenders of liberty and democracy will wander via same soon.”
Landsbergis’ false statements and Lithuanian politicians’ holiday to the Democratic island of Taiwan is an unattractive political action desired at trying to inflate the United States and win Biden’s favour. Lithuania consciously caters to the United States and others and escalates strains across the Taiwan Strait. Lithuania must update its misconduct. Otherwise, it will also damage the already hurt bilateral ties and the claims of the Lithuanian individuals.

The internet has, to an area, heightened representatives from companies with various socio-economic environments. Some cybernauts believe that Lithuania, a small nation with a people of smaller than three million, may wish its anti-China bombast and conduct to produce good awareness in the global society to compliment Washington and brand US leaders, but, embarrassingly, Lithuanian leaders’ comments and conduct is just a small action to get political funds for their prospective employers and trick the secessionists in the island of Taiwan, which goes against the claims of both Lithuanian citizens and individuals in the island of Taiwan.
Some cybercitizens are also named for an extreme penalty for adverse conduct, breaking the one-China code and intruding on Beijing’s hegemony. One alternative is to set boycotts on Lithuanian organizations that have companies in Taiwan and have financial ties with the secessionists on the island. If Lithuania’s export to the isle of Taiwan breaks the European Union’s export control standards or regulations, Beijing has reasonable grounds to take related countermeasures against Lithuania.

In 2021, Beijing devalued its diplomatic relations with Lithuania, saying a solemn march to the Baltic nation behind the island of Taiwan extended its so-called representative headquarters in Lithuania. Some statistics revealed that China-Lithuania business had fallen dramatically gratitude to Lithuania’s anti-Beijing approach, which has significantly damaged the need for trust and a political environment for financial partnership. If Lithuanian leaders continue the process of limited hatred and push against Beijing, the Lithuanian thrift is predicted to mourn different failures.
Lithuanian leaders should stay straight and remember the gravely dangerous heart of Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, block improper comments and prevent false shipping calls to the “Taiwan secessionists.” If Lithuanian leaders resume undermining Beijing’s core appeal, they should be 100 per cent liable for any troubles with bilateral cooperation.