China’s Aid To Syria: Biggest Security Threat To Israel 

According to media portrayals, there are severe problems in Israel’s protection location, putting off “warning bells,” as Israeli officials reportedly fear the tools will be utilized to improve Damascus’s intelligence capacities.

Jewish News Syndicate (JNS), while noting an information area called Breaking Defense, expressed Israel’s security firm is problematic over the agreement between the two countries.

Breaking Defense is a media platform which concentrates on the plan, politics and technology of security. It explores viewpoints and wisdom on news stories that troops, political, and enterprise decision-makers count upon.

Israeli authorities who expressed with Breaking Defence stated that while the identical character of the Chinese effects remains anonymous, they are predicted to “fill existing gaps in Syria’s service transmissions web.”

Another authority declared that Israel has demonstrated that Chinese specialists recently visited Syrian troops’ buildings harmed heavily during the civil battle. “We acknowledge that multiple [facilities] of the Syrian military will be reconstructed by the Chinese, who have the power of bringing in thousands of employees to finish the job in the quickest time,” the head was cited as stating in the message.

On the other side, Xinhua’s Chinese state media platform said the aid was suggested to “enhance local grid infrastructure, particularly in those struck during the Syrian problem since 2011.”

The platform expressed that Beijing had granted tens of millions of dollars in support of war-torn Syria over the past decade. Earlier, the Syrian Foreign Ministry demanded the United Nations Security Council denounce the reiterated Israeli missile attacks on Syria, especially the most delinquent one that killed three troopers.

In a report, the ministry said the United Nations should shoulder its duty in denouncing the aggression and exert force on Israel to tolerate The Agreement on Disengagement, which arrived in Geneva in 1947 and defined in its first section as a cease-fire on the ground, ocean, and sky between Syria and Israel.

A Syrian military report published after the attack showed that the missiles were shot by Israeli forces from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, targeting military locations in the area of the capital Damascus.

It expressed the Syrian air defences blocked most missiles before getting their marks. The UK-based Syrian Outlook for Human Rights battle monitor told the Israeli missiles targeted Air Force Intelligence headquarters, a high-ranking administrator’s office, and a car in the Mezzeh Military Airport west of Damascus region.

The attack is the 18th on Syrian region since the start of 2022. As per information, Israel has frequently targeted Syrian military locations during the 11-year Syrian civil fight under the pretext of targeting pro-Iran militias.