China Upgrades Firepower, Infrastructure On LAC: Is Threat Of A Possible War Lurking Around?


China tremendously expanded its armed forces living quarters within 100km from the Line of actual control (LAC) in the western sector; some of the significant upgrades undertaken by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are rocket systems and upgraded air defence systems, long-range artillery etc.

In the western sector, across the Line of actual control(LAC), the living quarters capacity for soldiers was 20,000 troops in 2020 before the stand-off in eastern Ladakh began; according to input resources now, that has been expanded to 1.20 lakhs livings quarters for soldiers. Another project constructed by LAC included the small hydel projects and solar energy.


Four PLA divisions under the Xinjiang military district are being turned around on their sides facing eastern Ladakh. When the stand-off east of Ladakh began, the 4th and 6th divisions were deployed, which were rotated with the 8th and 11th divisions in 2021; now, in 2022, as a part of the rotation, the 4th and 6th divisions have been redeployed in eastern Ladakh.


Upgradation Of Chinese Weapons

The Chinese people’s liberation army upgraded many weapons, including the ZTQ 15(type 15) third-generation modern light tank replacing the ZTZ-88 first-generation tanks in the service. Sources said that the type 96A second-generation tanks remain the same, and the tank’s fire control system has also been modified.


Two mechanised brigades which operate wheeled armoured personal carriers have upgraded from ZBL-08 to the latest ZTL-11APCS. Air defence systems and Airbase closer to the LAC have been upgraded, including blast pens and extended runways. Another official said that they had modified their airbases all across. The source said that the people’s liberation army had developed heliports at Shigatse and Rudok. The Airbase has been upgraded with extended runways and blast pens at gargunsh, Lhasa and Guangzhou.


Development In Other Regions

China is constantly upgrading its road connectivity, rail connectivity, air connectivity, and 5G mobile network. The china authorities have to build border villages for living quarters close to the LAC.

Better Mobility

The people’s liberation army has upgraded its artillery by replacing towed howitzers with truck-mounted howitzers having a range of 50 km; this gives better motility and less development time. The people’s liberation army has deployed the PHL-3 multi-rocket launch systems (MRLS) with a range of 100 km and has better targeting.


In the eastern sector, opposite the Arunachal Pradesh, China has moved artillery guns within 50 km range of the LAC. The Resources said that in Air defence, the older systems had been replaced with HQ-17 surface-to-air missiles, and the long-range HQ-9 has been appointed at chip chap ridge. The HQ-9 is believed to be based on the Russian S-300 missile system, ranging from 100 km to 300 km.

India has also increased its military capability and infrastructure on its line of Actual Control. For instance, India has to be deployed a smerch MLRS and Brahmos cruise missile system in Arunachal Pradesh closer to the Line of actual control.