Challenges In Effective Implementation Of Technology In Farmers’ Aid; Check Out!

The technical feasibility of connectivity in rural areas, the cost involved in ensuring services, and the need for basic computer literacy and literacy are among a few challenges that hinder the fast development of e-Agriculture. Overcoming these initial hiccups would definitely pave the way for growth in Rural India.

The reach of the technology continues to be very poor and an enormous chunk of farmers are still ignorant about such advancements. The distribution of technologies isn’t uniform throughout the country. Farmers of prosperous states are at the receiving end like- Punjab, Haryana, and Maharashtra and also the farmers of backward states still practise their age-old techniques and knowledge.


The use of technology is being employed by the already rich farmers and utilising these services they’re further prospering. the tiny and marginal farmers are again being neglected within the process of development.

Due to the low literacy rate among farmers and the digital divide, there’s an increase in the latest class of middlemen, who provide ICT services to farmers. they’re also believed to distort the knowledge for their own benefit.

E-agriculture can drive rural development, boost agriculture

The rural infrastructure for the utilization of ICT is additionally not uniform and a lot of regional disparity persists. Nowadays, the penetration of economic processes in rural India is increasing and is a potential market.

With various cultures and languages in India, ICT provides an honest platform here. Whereas considering the future there would be substantial upliftment and sustainable development in rural areas.

How e-platforms can become a potent booster for agriculture

ICTs are changing all the spheres of human lives and agriculture can’t be an exception. They may act as an agent for changing agrarian and farmer’s life by improving access to knowledge and sharing knowledge. ICT tools can change the ideas, activities and knowledge of the farmers. Farmers feel empowered and might adopt appropriate measures in their time of need.

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With the new extension and innovation in initiatives like Krishivihar, i-Kisan,e-kutir, e-Sagoo, ICT models- AGROWEB, Agropedia, AgrInnovate, etc. Indian agriculture has come to a protracted way and established several records in terms of production and productivity. IT had the potential to remodel agriculture into a more robust prospect in the wake of global climate change and reduce problems of ineffective use of technology in the aid of farmers.