Boris Johnson ‘Trumpeted’ As Next Boss Of NATO

The United Kingdom’s armed prime minister, operating his statement years after senior political party partners caused him to leave, could perform NATO if his remaining followers are to be believed.

Boris Johnson, who will depart Downing Street on Sept 6 after the Conservative Party’s 170,000 rank-and-file partners have chosen an inheritor, has been dogged by humiliation in recent months and appears an improbable future secretary-general of the Western safety partnership, given that victorious applicants are usually untainted by discussion and advocated unanimously by the institution’s 30 member states.
The Telegraph newspaper, which operated Johnson as a columnist, said he “is being trumpeted as a contender” to substitute Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who is assigned to stand down in September 2023.

The article mentioned Conservative Party legislator Richard Drax, a component of the UK’s parliamentary security committee, declaring: “Any famous Brit would be a wonderful option. If that is what Boris Johnson likes to go and do, of procedure, I will help.”

Mark Francois, another Conservative Party legislator and council member, declared he would back Johnson if he “lived to evolve the secretary-general of NATO”.

David Jones, another lawmaker and Johnson supporter, also supported the concept.
The Telegraph indicated Johnson would demand the United States because Washington reportedly denies European Union insiders due to the team’s declared purpose of developing its military. The paper contended Baltic states also charged Johnson because of his powerful resistance to Russia.

But Anglea Rayner, the deputy leader of the United Kingdom’s main opposition, the Labour Party, informed The Express newspaper the concept of Johnson top NATO was equal to a poor joke.

She expressed that Johnson, who became the first United Kingdom prime minister to be discovered blameworthy of violating the law when police fined him for violating COVID-19 lockdown rules he helped create, has been dogged by humiliation. He has just been charged with privately meeting ex-KGB officer Alexander Lebedev without a document path or assisting administrators.

Rayner expressed such suits would shock NATO leaders.
“The man who privately met a former KGB agent after a vital NATO summit and can’t recall what he concerned or who he was with? I think it’s a ‘no’,” she said.
Richard Dannatt, a former general head of the British army from 2006 to 2009, told The Telegraph Johnson’s personality would stand in the way of living set as NATO secretary-general.
“It is the emotional capability, the lack of innocence, the absence of trust,” Dannatt said. “Frankly, we don’t like to reveal Boris Johnson on the global stand for more insult. He is a nationwide humiliation.”