BJP Wants To Implement Uniform Civil Code: Does This Move Justify Saffron Nation Theory?


As we all are very much aware of the Hijab controversy that is spreading like a fire in our country. This all started in the Udipi district of Karnataka in the PU government college. When few Muslim girls were not allowed to enter the class as they were wearing Hijab. Slowly, this issue got escalated to other colleges too and now many states are also involved in it like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal.

The situation is becoming fierce that the Karnataka government has closed the educational institutions till today. All the news channels and social media are flooded with messages and debates in and against the situation.

Among this comes an announcement from the chief minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Dhami, that if the BJP wins, they will bring in the Uniform Civil Code. Many of his party co-workers applaud the step and it seems that other BJP states will have such announcements too.

Uniform Civil Code Pro And Cons

Our constitution has given us the right to live anywhere in India, to eat what we want, to follow our religion, to wear as per choice. It also says that Shiksha or Swasth (education and health) should be available for all.

But when we talk of the Uniform Civil Code, it has different points of view. It can bring uniformity in appearance, irrespective of caste, colour, religion and gender. So, it defies equality in physical appearance. But does this bring equality in the education we provide? The answer is no.

So, if students are subjected to a uniform code then why the teachers are allowed to wear different clothes.

But if we apply the same uniform for all then it kills the essence of India which homes the most diversified population across the globe. Diversification is the quality that helps in uplifting any ecosystem be it humans or animals or plants or all combined in one. When our constitution allows us this diversification then why do we need any implementation which dilutes it?

BJP always supports the One Nation, One Party; One Nation One Identity, One nation One law etc kind of theories. The RSS and BJP association has an undercurrent to have A Saffron Nation. Is that why the Uniform Civil Code is coming into the game?


Under BJP rule we have seen the minorities survival is getting great disruptions. A party that believes in the Bhagwa theory, Hindu Rashtra Nirman never spoke about hate speeches by the Dharam Sansad that happening around us. Recently students from IIM wrote to PM Modi about his silence on hate speeches. A party that talks about the 80-20 and that 20 are a threat to the 80.

We need to understand that every community and religion has their own traditions and emotions attached to it. This tradition and culture is our backbone as said by PM Modi. But when it comes to reality the minorities are suffering as they don’t get any benefits from the government schemes. They are ignored in terms of education access, health care facilities, sanitation facilities and many more issues.

Equality comes from implementing equal opportunity for all citizens. Even if we imply a dress code it will not help as every mind is unique and thinks differently. So rather than focusing on how we look and what we eat it should be the other way focusing on equal education for all.