BJP, KCR’s Party Are Two Sides Of Same Coin, Says Rahul Gandhi: Read On To Know More!!!

According to Rahul Gandhi, the NDA administration at the Center used to introduce measures that the TRS would support in the Parliament. Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Congress, claimed on Thursday that the BJP and the TRS, which is now in power in Telangana, are two sides of the same coin and that both organisations oppose democratic principles.

After taking a four-day vacation for Diwali, Mr. Gandhi resumed his Bharat Jodo Yatra and claimed that the TRS had previously supported the measures that the NDA government at the Centre had filed for consideration by Parliament. “The TRS extended full support to the Centre’s three anti-farmer laws,” he said, addressing a gathering at Gunmukla, Marrikal in Narayanpet district this evening.

He stated that although Congress had submitted a resolution to the Legislative Assembly opposing the laws, the TRS had not backed it. “I would like to say clearly here that, for us, BJP and TRS are the same. They are two parts of the same coin. They work in tandem. You need to understand this. They support each other. TRS supports them in Delhi and in Telangana, BJP supports this party (TRS).”

Both the TRS and the BJP were accused by Mr. Gandhi of engaging in “politics of money,” power-grabbery, and overthrowing governments. Rahul Gandhi referred to the alleged 15,000 crores “Miyapur land scam” and the Kaleshwaram irrigation project in Telangana as evidence that the TRS government is likely the “most corrupt government” in the nation.

According to Mr. Gandhi, TRS and BJP are businesses with the intent to “steal public money” without providing for the needs of the general public, not political parties. He further attributed the collapse of the nation’s economic foundation to the demonetisation policy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.

He noted that small and medium-sized businesses were responsible for creating employment in India and claimed that the 2016 currency ban and the GST system have forced lakhs of firms to close. The current state of affairs prevents Telangana or the nation from being able to create jobs, he claimed.

Attacking the Centre over the increase in cooking gas prices, the former head of the Congress Party recalled that Mr. Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, used to voice his displeasure when the cost of an LPG cylinder was $400 during the UPA administration, but that he has since remained silent even though the cost has risen to more than $1,000. According to Mr Gandhi, the purpose of the Yatra is to raise awareness of the problems of unemployment and rising prices. Though it is difficult to walk 3,500 miles as part of the Yatra, the love and support of the public, he continued, makes it possible.