Ashton Kutcher Feels Blessed To Be Alive After Fighting Rare Illness ‘Vasculitis’

Ashton Kutcher’s ability to see, hear, and walk was all affected by a rare disease, and he now believes himself “blessed to be alive.”In an interrogation, the Two and a Half Men actor consulted his fight with vasculitis, a disease that causes inflammation of the blood Vessels. Ashton Kutcher, 44, is interviewed about where he brings his stability. Kutcher answers, “Two years ago, I had this strange, rare form of vasculitis that knocked out my vision.

It knocked out my hearing. It knocked out, like, all my equaliser.”He guaranteed it would take him about a year to retrieve his capabilities.

He said, “You don’t admire it until it’s ends, until a individual, ‘I am not sure if I’m ever going to be capable to see similarly, I don’t know if I’m ever able to going to hear again, I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to walk again.”Kutcher tweeted overnight, testifying to his entire comeback after the happening.

This year, Kutcher, who first achieved notoriety on the comedy sitcom That ’70s Performance, has made headlines for his work with his wifey Mila Kunis in support of Ukraine.

He and Kunis, born in western Ukraine, spoke via video chat in March with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who complimented them for their multimillion-dollar efforts to raise money to aid refugees escaping the war-torn nation.